Fussy Cut Capriccioso with Inklingo

Capriccioso by Willyne Hammerstein

If you look closely at Willyne Hammerstein’s Capriccioso (Millefiori 3), you will see something you might not have expected.

She did not fussy cut the kites for more than eighty 6-pointed stars—but she did fussy cut the squares!

Isn’t that cool?


Fussy cut bees for Capriccioso

I looked through my stash for a print that would have enough motifs for more than 300 squares. I did not have anything similar to the circles in the original quilt but I found this bee fabric.

I printed the shapes for Inklingo Capriccioso Large on ordinary paper, so I could preview it (above).


Willyne Hammerstein's Capriccioso

The square in the Inklingo Capriccioso Original shape collection is only 0.75 inch, but the larger size (1.25 inch) works.


Preview for fussy cutting

It also made me wonder about fussy cutting the other three shapes in Capriccioso.


Fussy cut pentagons


No matter which shape I decided to fussy cut, for the bees I would use freezer paper and traditional “Swiss cheese” fussy cutting.


Measure the repeat in the fabric


If I had a suitable fabric to fussy cut the kites for the stars, Inklingo No Waste Fussy Cutting would be much faster and use the fabric efficiently.

Just print sets of 6 identical sheets of fabric to get sets of 6 identical kites. (It is similar to Stack n Whack but without the stacking and whacking.)


Capriccioso with fussy cut stars


As usual, when you have Inklingo, there are TWO methods of fussy cutting and you don’t need to spend money on acrylic shapes or papers, so you can buy more fabric for even more fussy cutting!

Capriccioso with Inklingo

So many ideas, so many quilts to make. Life is good.


VIDEO There is a video on the Main Millefiori Page (under the Shop tab) showing how to sew Passacaglia with a running stitch. It also applies to Capriccioso.

Just in case you missed it, there is more about Capriccioso here.


Introduction to Inklingo

If you are new to Inklingo, this VIDEO on the Welcome to Inklingo page on the website explains how to print on fabric with your Inkjet printer.


There will be more shape collections for the quilts in Millefiori Quilts 3 soon. If you subscribe to the blog, you will be the first to know.

The regular price of $20 is amazing value but the new Capriccioso shape collections are only $15 until midnight on the 23rd. Don’t miss out!

Main Millefiori Page

  • Original size: Approx 35 x 48 inches (center without borders)
  • Large Size: Approx 48 x 80 inches (center without borders)

I hope you are excited about choosing fabrics for your Capriccioso now!

Linda & Monkey


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