NEW Capriccioso with Inklingo

Capriccioso byWillyne Hammerstein

Capriccioso is one of the beautiful designs in Willyne’s third book, Millefiori Quilts 3.

It means capricious.


Capriccioso templates to print


You asked for them.

We listened.

TWO sizes!

  • Original size: Approx 35 x 48 inches (center without borders)
  • Large Size: Approx 48 x 80 inches (center without borders)


Capriccioso shapes to print on fabric


Willyne has a genius for creating new combinations of interlocking designs!


Capriccioso only uses 4 fabrics plus the border, so choosing fabrics for this design is less complicated than for some of Willyne’s other designs, like Passacaglia, Ballet, Moncarapacho, Wild is the Wind, and Valse Brillante. (Main Millefiori Page)


Millefiori Quilts 3 by Willyne Hammerstein


As usual, if you have the Inklingo shape collection, you do not need acrylic templates or papers. Inklingo makes it easier and less expensive than ever to get started!

Just print the shapes on fabric or on paper or freezer paper with a choice of layouts and sew by hand or by machine.

The instructions for assembling Capriccioso are in the Millefiori 3 book.


Capriccioso quilt by Willyne Hammerstein


There are articles in the archives and videos that apply to Capriccioso.

VIDEO There is a video on the Main Millefiori Page (under the Shop tab) showing how to sew Passacaglia with a running stitch. It also applies to the other quilts.

Willyne teaches hand piecing with a running stitch (not English Paper Piecing, as I originally thought) and sewing with a running stitch is even faster and easier if you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo. It speeds up the preparation, and printing the cutting and stitching lines on fabric with your Inkjet ensures accuracy.

FUSSY CUTTING  Passacaglia with Inklingo.
Fussy cutting Patchwork of the Crosses with Inklingo
This one shows you why you can get better results without acrylic.

HYBRID PIECING The technique of combining hand and machine piecing for Celestial Star can be used for Capriccioso too.


VIDEO How to sew stars

VIDEO  The video for sewing 6-pointed stars will help you get perfect intersections on the 6-pointed kites in Capriccioso too.


Introduction to Inklingo

If you are new to Inklingo, this VIDEO on the Welcome to Inklingo page on the website explains how to print on fabric with your Inkjet printer.


Tarantella Quilt by Willyne Hammerstein


La Tarantella is next, so it is a good idea to subscribe, so you don’t miss anything.

La Tarantella uses 7 shapes and 5 of them are the same as the ones in the Passacaglia shape collections, so you have a choice of two sizes. (Main Millefiori Page)

This quilt was named for an Italian folk dance and I’m dancing as fast as I can,  working on new Tarantella shape collections (3 cm and 1.5 inch). There will be a low upgrade price for quilters who already have a Passacaglia shape collection who just need the two new shapes, so if you want to buy Passacaglia now, you will be able to upgrade later.

Millefiori Quilts 3 is at low intro price for a little while but it won’t last forever, okay? There are even more fabulous designs in Willyne’s newest book. We aren’t finished yet.

The regular price of $20 is amazing value but the new Capriccioso shape collections are only $15 if you act fast.

  • Original size: Approx 35 x 48 inches (center without borders)
  • Large Size: Approx 48 x 80 inches (center without borders)

Have you chosen fabrics for Capriccioso yet? I’ll share a few tips in my next article.

Linda & Monkey

3 thoughts on “NEW Capriccioso with Inklingo”

  1. Hi Kelly,
    I agree that if you hand piece with a running stitch, there is a lot of relaxing, quick, continuous stitching with Capriccioso.
    However, some quilters might like to sew the star by hand (perfect intersection, as in the video) and then sew a ring of squares and pentagons, sewing crosshair to crosshair (chain piecing). If those two shapes use the same two fabrics throughout the quilt, it would be easy to chain piece. (A video on the Main Hexagon Page shows the technique for sewing crosshair to crosshair by machine.) Then join the ring to the star by hand, more continuous stitching.
    That is just one example. Some quilters would sew the star by machine using the same technique I use for LeMoyne Stars.

  2. I’m intrigued by the thought that some of Capriccioso could be machine pieced. Most of the intersections look easier to do by hand. Which seams would you choose to do by machine?

    I’m also super giddy & looking forward to La Tarantella! No rush or pressure from me. I still have ~ 2 years left before I finish Ballet.

  3. Love this design – and having an Inklingo collection for it makes it so much more enticing!! The fussy cutting/printing possibilities for this one have me intrigued!


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