Fresh New Inklingo Orange Peel

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There are TWO new Inklingo Shape Collections today! Monkey and I think you will love the gentle curves and wonderful designs that are possible with Orange Peel shapes. The Basic Inklingo Orange Peel shapes are all you need for dozens of quilt layouts.

The Deluxe Inklingo Orange Peel collection is my favorite because it makes some stunning, unusual blocks possible—blocks that are very uncommon because without Inklingo, they were tedious to prepare and stitch.

P1050596 Alabama

Alabama Beauty is just one of the gorgeous variations made from the shapes in the Deluxe Orange Peel collection.

P1050642 monkey orange melons

As usual, Inklingo makes the prep faster and easier by printing the cutting and stitching lines on the wrong side of the fabric. Cutting gentle curves with a rotary cutter is a treat and the precision corners, crosshairs, and matching marks are the icing on the cake.

P1050634 concave up fewer pins 02

With experience, very little pinning is required on these gentle curves.

P1050646 piece center first

The shapes for Improved 9-Patch are also included in the Deluxe collection. (Be still my heart!)

Monkey and I think you will love the variations illustrated on the Orange Peel pages on the web site, but thank you for visiting here too. Working with these shapes has been fun, but my main computer keeps locking up, so it has taken longer than it should. We need a nap!

Linda & Monkey

3 thoughts on “Fresh New Inklingo Orange Peel”

  1. Although I’m waiting for the postman to arrive with my inklingo handbook, I’m excited about the prospect of the inklingo adventure(s)! One of the quilts I’m keen to do is an old design, published in the Kansas Star (I think) c 1934. It was called tea leaves and recently I’ve seen it referred to as Joseph’s Coat. Please tell me that I can make it up using an inklingo design – or perhaps in the near future. The ‘melons’ are pieced in a triangular arrangement with the points touching.
    I’m enjoying reading through the blogs and looking forward to converting the girls in my patchwork group to this exciting new method of hand piecing. The double wedding ring is already on our list, so hurry up postie!!
    Annie on the Sunshine Coast of Oz

  2. These are fabulous shapes with which to work!!! Thank you so very, very much!
    Hope your computer has survived bringing us an absolutely stunning collection!


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