A Season for Giving


It is starting to look very wintery here in Burlington. We’re thinking about Christmas, and that means gifts.

As you probably know, there are several male Inklingoists, but lately, there has been a little uptick in the number of orders from Rick/Bob/John and they are clearly meant for someone other than Rick, Bob, and John. That should be pretty nice for some of you on Christmas morning. Monkey and I are very pleased when anyone chooses Inklingo as a special gift.


Did you know that there are Gift Certificates available on the site? It works well for everyone. You can set any amount for the gift and the recipient can choose anything she wants from the site and use the certificate towards the purchase.

If you know a friend is hankering for more Inklingo, you can give her a little treat, even if there is a Secret Pal limit on spending, like $5 or $10.

Free Gifts?

Even without a Gift Certificate, Monkey and I think you can give a nice present to a friend just by telling her about the free shape collection. Aren’t you glad someone told you about Inklingo? You can do the same favor for someone else, by giving her the link to the Main Beginner’s page.


I haven’t done any decorating yet, other than this happy little snowman on my desk, because I have been hard at work on the website, trying to make it more useful for everyone.

More changes are coming.

Side note: I wanted to replace the free shape collection with an expanded version in September (the one-year anniversary of the downloads), but a server upgrade is required. When it is ready, you will be able to open the existing collection and use it, but you will have the option of downloading the new version. As it is, if a collection is updated, you would be forced to stop to download the new version even if you had only opened Inklingo to print a few more triangles. I would be annoyed if that happened to me. That is the reason for waiting for the upgrade to the server, and for updating the Info PDF instead.


I am embarrassed by how messy the website became. I just kept dumping new collections on it every few weeks this year, and Monkey says it is a miracle that you managed to find what you wanted! A website is never finished but inklingo.com is in better shape now than it has been for a long time, so I hope you will have a look. (Monkey: Some of the best stuff is hidden under Support, where no one looks.) If you have any suggestions, let me know, okay?


<drum roll> Yes, Dresden Plate is next because it is the most requested, by far. I am excited about this one. It took all my self-discipline to leave it alone this week while I worked on the site.

As you know, I don’t normally announce in advance, but if possible, Dresden Plate and Winding Ways will both be ready for you by January 1.

A few hints about the Dresden Plate collection: 9 inch (quarter block is 4.5 inch); several different blades and centers; Basic and Deluxe (like Orange Peel); Deluxe includes some unusual, special designs for 12 and 15-inch blocks. Monkey says that might be enough detail for you to ask Joe/Mike/Dave/Fred for an Inklingo Gift Certificate, in anticipation!

Please give me your feedback about the website—good and bad. I hope you are enjoying the season wherever you are, and still finding time to spend with fabric. Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

2 thoughts on “A Season for Giving”

  1. The new webdsite looks fantastic Linda. So many more things to work on…oh my goodness…and I think the collections are really easier to find. Your work is really appreciated. Thank you….May you Monkey and Russ have a wonderful Christmas and and an oh so Happy New Year.

  2. Linda, Russ, and Monkey,
    Good to see your website and all the new things you have on it. Just wanted to say “Keep Warm” and have a Merry Christmas. I think of you all so often. I am so grateful that we (Suewho and Pamwho) were able to come to visit you in Hamilton when Pam was here several years ago. Those blessings are treasures in my heart.



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