Complaint from Inklingo Quilter

Anonymous also writes a wonderful blog called Stof Genoeg (Annika)

Yesterday I received a letter of complaint about Inklingo. Minus 2 stars.

I considered ignoring it or trying to keep it a secret just for Monkey, me, and Russ.

However, I think it is something everyone should be aware of, so I am publishing it now, with illustrations, with permission of Anonymous.

Dear Ms. Franz,

I have problems with the review function on your website

The reviews only go up to five stars. That is not nearly enough.

According to my scientific calculations, we should be able to go up to 35 stars.

I have checked your website, and I was only able to find five-out-of-five star reviews.

It is no wonder everybody awards the maximum number of stars.

(BTW, do you have any idea how boring it is to read a seemingly endless row of five star reviews?)

Below you will find my review, for Inklingo as a technique/method in general. Almost everything applies to any single collection of Inklingo Shapes.

Yours Truly,

A Ridiculously Spoiled and Very Critical Customer

Inklingo Review

One Star for Ease
One Star for Very Efficient and Economic Use of Fabric
One Star for Cutting Down Preparation Time
One Star for Eliminating Miscalculations, and Cutting and Sewing Mistakes
One Star for Shapes Fitting Perfectly Together

One Star for Ultra Thin Cutting Lines
One Star for Clear Sewing Lines
One Star for Precise Matching Marks
One Star for Marking the Back of Fabric ‘Semi Permanently’ (No Fading or Smudging Over Time)
One Star for Being Invisible from the Front of the Fabric

One Star for Utilizing Only Common Household Items (No Special Purchases Necessary)
One Star for Versatility and Flexibility of Use (Any Technique, Any Pattern, Any Brand Inkjet Printer, Any Regular Quilting Fabric, etc.)
One Star for Utilizing (Ordinary Inkjet) Wash Away Ink Colors
One Star for Offering a Choice of 20 Ink Colors
One Star for Innovation (A Patent!)

One Star for Various Layouts of Shapes (for Rotary Cutting, for Scissors, for Directional Fabrics, and Combo Layouts Combining Different Shapes on One Sheet)
One Star for Overviews of Handy Custom Sizes to Print
One Star for Overviews of the Numbers of Shapes from Yardage
One Star for Immediate Availability (Downloading)
One Star for Saving Space (Less Rulers, Templates, Patterns and Books)

One Star for Bringing Previously Very Complicated Patterns Within Reach of Machine Piecers
One Star for Being Great for Beginners
One Star for Providing a Great Alternative for English Paper Piecing
One Star for Making Actually Finishing Quilts More Attainable
One Star for Being Perfect for Group Projects (Everyone’s Blocks Finish the Same Size!)

One Star for Cheat Sheets
One Star for Worksheets
One Star for Great Design Ideas (Including Free Design Books)
One Star for Easy Navigating Large PDF’s with Bookmarks
One Star for Great Value

One Star for Excellent Customer Service and Support (And it is all just Linda!)
One Star for Excellent Video Tutorials
One Star for All the Additional Information and Tips on, the All About Inklingo Blog, and the Inklingo Yahoo Group
One Star for Pictures of Monkey
One Star for the Great Guy in Shipping

Now, I have to be fair and critical, there is also reason for deducting a couple of Stars:

Minus One Star for Being Highly Addictive
Minus One Star for Ruining Quilters for All Other Preparation Methods

Total: 33 Stars!

Thank you, Anonymous.

We will keep our chins up and strive to improve in the future.

More to come. . .

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Let the fun begin!

Linda & Monkey

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30 thoughts on “Complaint from Inklingo Quilter”

  1. Totally like the review even though I have not yet had the pleasure of using the pattern. However, it makes me all the more excited to go ahead with the cleopatra fan quilt. Great website, so glad I stumbled upon it on Pinterest and decided to have a look in. It is a similar pattern to a cushion I saw in a cushion sale mag advert and liked it so much I pencilled up my own pattern, or close, but the accuracy was a little out. So this should fix my anxiety. Your good thinking, comes from good brains, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Much appreciated by all!

  2. Kuddos on your fabulous lessons on hand piecing. Couldn’t be better or clearer. I am a visual learner and the DVD lessons are clear, concise and MEASURED! That means I don’t need to constantly rewind to catch all the nuances. I am not new to sewing, appliqué, quilting or needlework but boy, for some reason the thought of hand piecing was intimidating to me. I am so excited now to try my hand and a whole new set of projects. For the record, the instructions I refer to were the ones in your Jane’s Writing Table DVD. Good job!

  3. This is what I call a very constructive review!

    Sorry I did not think about it myself. Because nothing beats INKLINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great day Linda and Monkey.

  4. What a great review! But if I might want to give a star for the ‘great guy in shipping,’ I would like to see a photo of him first, right? LOL

  5. I also got my nose out of joint when I read the subject line, how dare this person! Minus 2 stars? What is wrong with them I thought…and then I went straight to the comment posted through the link. I have to admit I agree with everything they pointed out, even the minus 2 stars lol. Great job anonymous, whoever you are (but I think I know because you have a picture posted beside your last comment)!

  6. NeNe , my sewing turtle, tsked and shook her lei covered head at reading the header. Then began bobbing up and down as she read further. So much so I thought she was running the machine a high speed. Thanks anon.

  7. Well, similarly to the others, I was rather worried too. However, I am glad you posted it, Linda. Anonymous must have spent quite a bit of time on this complaint. It is stunning & hilarious. I whole heartedly agree with the complaint, and I also agree with all of the other views. Linda, would you consider copying this complaint onto your main site somewhere prominent? So that visitors will “catch it”? That way it will always be in the forefront. I think Monkey may agree … or not…

  8. I usually try to remember that “everyone is entitled to their opinion” before I read and thought well…I guess I can say “I” am entitled to her opinion as well…well said Anonymous!

  9. I love Inklingo and have to agree, it is highly addictive
    and it makes everything come together so nicely.
    Good job Linda and Minky, you can have as many stars as you want.

  10. This is a reply for “Anonymous”: Some people are never satisfied! Although, actually I have to agree with you on this one. LOL!
    Inklingo is one of the best quilting ideas ever. It is like a new art form. I am very new at it and still playing. I don’t expect that I will stop playing any time soon.

  11. I love this kind of complaint. I have to admit my nose was a little twisted out of shape when I read the title of the email. I agree there are not enough stars to rank Inklingo!

  12. Whew! I was really scared and almost didn’t go and read the review! I don’t like to read about negative issues, but I was so thankful and amused at Anonymous!
    Linda, you do deserve more stars!

  13. OMWord when I first read *complaint* I was scared and didn’t know what to think. I rushed right over here to read the article. Like the others before me I am hugely relieved! I love this *complaint* and think it needs to be printed/posted up some where more people can see it!
    Love n hugs.

  14. LOL!! Such a biased review needs balancing. I’ve found two things you cannot do with Inklingo. You cannot say you don’t have time to quilt, and you cannot say any pattern is too difficult for your skills. 🙂

  15. Oh, I was also worried. Couldn’t imagine what in the world anyone could have a complaint about…Inklingo is the best. I am so relieved Anonymous agrees!!

  16. My goodness… had me worried there. Reading on, I found what Cathi really meant. How neat. She is a cool lady. Congratulations on getting such a “complaint”. Happy Holidays to you, Russ and Monkey.

  17. Congratulations on getting such a delightful complaint. Inklingo sure had a great effect on anonymous . Anonymous … You would make a great speechwriter!

  18. I just got the email and I clicked on over right away. I agree with Cathi – I was worried that somebody didn’t like Inklingo. I was prepared to fight back and try to convince her of the endless benefits of this method. What a lovely complaint 🙂 Anonymous is spot on – this post needs to reach more people – it is soooo true – every single point she made.

  19. Inklingo Rocks…..I love machine piecing and hand piecing together and everything always always fits.
    I agree with anonymous that 5 stars is never enough.

  20. The title to this post had me worried for a second — but then, when I read the entire post, I laughed with delight! Whoever Anonymous is, he or she is right — we need to be able to give collections way, way, way more than 5 stars!

  21. That’s the kind of complaint you would want to have, Linda. 33 out of 35 stars would be excellent, especially since the minus 2 is due to being addictive and keeping quilters from other methods.


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