Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt Templates in a New Size

UPDATE Jan 15, 2022 Also see the Cleopatra’s Fan Top 10.

There is a new size of Cleopatra’s Fan quilt templates to print on fabric now.

Cleopatra's Fan Quilt Templates

A choice of sizes

It’s big news.

Big because it has been more than 5 years since the first three Inklingo Cleopatra’s Fan shape collections.

Big because these shapes make 12 inch blocks which are a breeze to sew by machine. Of course, you can combine hand and machine piecing, as usual.

The new shapes are bigger than the other 3 Cleopatra’s Fan shape collections.

You can see all of the sizes on the Main Cleopatra’s Fan Page.

Cleopatra's Fan Quilt Templates Combo

Six Combo Layouts

The combo layouts allow you to print as few as 3 sheets of fabric to get all 20 shapes for a block.

Fans should be cool. These definitely are.

Cleopatra's Hieroglyph

NOTE  Inklingo shapes to print on fabric are completely different from Cleopatra’s hieroglyph and easier to understand at a glance.

Cleopatra's Fan quilt templates

Inklingo Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt Templates

As usual, when you print on fabric with Inklingo, all of the Cleopatra’s Fan shapes have matching marks and precision corners to make it easy to sew with perfect accuracy.

You will feel like a goddess when you see how beautifully your blocks turn out!

Inklingo Cleopatra's Fan Quilt Design Book

FREE Cleopatra’s Fan Design Book

The Cleopatra’s Fan Design Book makes this is an especially great value. When you buy the Cleopatra’s Fan quilt templates to print on fabric, I manually add the design book to your account as soon as I see your order.

The design book is 138 pages and includes everything you need to design and sew Cleopatra’s Fan quilts. There is a gallery of quilts to inspire you, notes about fabric selection, tips for rotary cutting curves, a step by step guide to assembling the blocks by hand or by machine, and detailed pressing notes.

There are TWENTY-FOUR worksheets too.

Inklingo has an irresistible charm, just like Cleopatra herself.

New to Inklingo?

The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims (#2911) introduced many quilters to Inklingo for the first time.

If you are new to Inklingo, it is important to understand the difference between Inklingo shape collections (shapes to print), Inklingo design books (inspiration and how-to) and patterns (no shapes, used with a shape collection).  All are downloadable.

Inklingo design books are free with the related shapes.

If you buy the design book first ($10), when you buy the related shapes in the next 60 days, I manually refund $10 as soon as I see your order, so the design book is still free.

All quilters should start with the free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection on the Main Beginner’s Page.

Cleopatra's Fan quilt templates to print on fabric

Monkey says these Cleopatra’s Fan quilt templates will make you feel like the Queen of the Nile, whether you fussy cut some of the shapes or not.

I looked for music to help make this big announcement. The “tune” isn’t too catchy but Monkey thinks it captures the mood for a big announcement.

I wish I could tell all those people in the crowd about Inklingo. I hope you will tell your friends.

You might prefer Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett instead of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar.

Lady is a Tramp is a good one any time. Turn up the volume. Make it fun. Make it BIG.

Low Intro Price

More good news. You don’t have to be the richest woman in the world to use Inklingo!

On the other hand, Monkey says there’s nothing stopping you from sitting on a throne beneath a gilded canopy to sew these blocks by machine, if you like.

Walk like an Egyptian

Get the Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt Templates Now

Walk like an Egyptian (or run) to the website, so you don’t miss out on the low intro price on the 12 inch Cleopatra’s Fan!

All Inklingo shape collections are great value, but if you are new to Inklingo you might not know that the only time shape collections go “on sale” is when they are brand new, for about a week. It works like a sort of loyalty program because Inklingoists are likely to be the only ones who know about it.

In this case, you can get the shapes for the 12 inch block for only $25. This special deal only lasts for a week but the regular price ($30) is still great value. I will add the Cleopatra’s Fan Design Book (128 pages, PDF to download) as soon as I see your order.

You can see all of the sizes on the Main Cleopatra’s Fan Page.

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

3 thoughts on “Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt Templates in a New Size”

  1. This is another super collection. I have the 9 inch collection and I made a table runner with it.
    Turned out to nicely, I was very proud of it. Gave it to a friend for her birthday.

    Linda as always thank you for the new collection. Happy New Year to you and all your family.


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