Castle Walls in Nashville TN

Inklingo Castle Wall by Kathy in Nashville

Kathy in Nashville is the Queen of Fussy Cutting and we have a sneak peek at another amazing quilt in progress!

She fussy cut her stunning Dragonfly Diamonds (Quilted Diamonds) more than 10 years ago, and she has been fussy cutting with Inklingo from the very beginning in 2006.

We have featured some of Kathy’s quilts on the blog in the past (click).


Inklingo Castle Wall by Kathy in Nashville

Now Kathy is building an incredible castle by printing on fabric with an ordinary Inkjet printer and the Inklingo Castle Wall shape collection.


Inklingo Castle Wall by Kathy in Nashville

The center octagon of Castle Wall (Beyer 295-1) can be just one piece, but the shape collection includes a bonus shape too, so you can use 8 triangles to make the octagon and get a fabulous Kaleidoscope effect, the way Kathy does.


Bonus triangle for Inklingo Castle Wall

With Inklingo we usually print the shapes with seam allowances on fabric, so we have a line to cut on and a line to sew on.

However, like all Inklingo shape collections, Castle Wall includes the shapes without seam allowances too, so you can fussy cut in the traditional way with templates or find the repeat in the fabric and print identical sheets of fabric with the shapes with seam allowances.
(Described for hexagons in an article on QuiltingHub)


Inklingo Castle Wall by Kathy in Nashville

Aren’t these fabulous?

These are just a few of my favorites. I gasped when I saw them all.

Kathy is an artist with fabric. Some of her Inklingo quilts have been finalists at the AQS Show in Paducah and it’s no wonder.

What a talent! Her workmanship is superlative too.


Inklingo Castle Wall by Kathy in Nashville

I will show a few of the blocks Kathy has sewn to go with these stunning Castle Wall blocks soon.  In the meantime. . .

. . . More Castle Wall?  If you just can’t get enough!

Kathy in Nashville on Flickr

Cathi at QuiltObsession

Castle Wall in Electric Quilt

There are also several other articles about sewing and pressing and designing with Castle Wall on this blog (searchable). Check the Topic Categories in the right sidebar.


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Anemones at Inklingo Headquarters

We are posting photos every day on the Inklingo Facebook page. Our Japanese Anemones were blooming and I showed blocks I sewed with the next new shape collection.

You don’t have to have a Facebook account to see what we post there. If you do visit us on Facebook, you already know there will be a new shape collection this week. Stay tuned, okay?

Thank you, Kathy, for allowing me to feature your blocks here. You are an inspiration to me.

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5 thoughts on “Castle Walls in Nashville TN”

  1. Wow.The effect is so stunning. I was very tempted with the triangles for the centers myself but I am just fussy cutting the octagons for mine. I must share some pictures soon.

  2. I love seeing Kathy’s creations! These Castle Wall blocks are so perfect it’s hard to stop looking at them over and over again. The effect Kathy got with some fussy cutting/printing is fantastic – each block is a work of art of its own!


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