Winding Ways Deluxe 9 inch Shape Collection

It was predictable.The new Winding Ways Deluxe 9 inch Shape Collection is ready!

Winding Ways 9 inch


By popular request!

The recent addition of Deluxe shape collections for Winding Ways 3 inch, 6 inch and 12 inch meant requests for the same thing for the 9 inch size.

It is good news for everyone, so read on!

Winding Ways Deluxe 9 inch shape collection  BASIC

The original Winding Ways 9 inch shape collection was published more than 11 years ago in 2010.

FREE UPGRADE!  In honor of the new hardcover book, I have added a new shape and a new Combo layout to the original shape collection and everyone who has the original version can download the expanded version free! (Monkey thinks I need some business advice. LOL)

If you already have the original version, all you need to do is log in to your account on the website and download from the Winding Ways 9 inch link again. Voilà! The updated version will automatically download. You do not need to place an order for it and you get the new shape and the new combo and updated instructions!

Winding Ways Deluxe 9 inch shape collection  DELUXE

Even better. . .
if you already have the original version, you can upgrade to the new Deluxe version for a low intro price.

Inklingo Winding Ways quilt variation

With the shapes printed on the fabric, you are not limited to the classic designs. Mix sizes, dress it up!

As usual, you can piece by hand or by machine with Inklingo.

I expect most quilters to machine piece the 9 inch size but isn’t it nice to have a choice!

Print Winding Ways templates

Print, cut, sew.

This layout (above) from the Winding Ways Deluxe 9 inch shape collection includes a wider shape and the 4 corners for one block, so you can print everything at once.

Winding Ways 9 iinch variation from Inklingo


The wider space in the middle makes this block a breeze to sew and creates an unusual variation.

Winding Ways fussy cutting

If you would like to fussy cut, my very best instructions for two methods are in my new Winding Ways hardcover book.

Both of the new shape collections include instructions for sewing by hand AND by machine, worksheets and more. There are detailed descriptions on the website.


The upgrade to the basic shape collection is free, as described above.

If you haven’t bought Winding Ways yet, the basic shapes are only $20.

The Deluxe version with 9 inch shapes is even more fun. Only $35.

  • Everything in the basic version is included in the Deluxe version, so you only need one.
  • The instructions in the old Winding Ways Design Book are also included in both shape collections, so you do not need it too.

As usual, the low intro price lasts for the first week only. Full price is great value too, of course.

Winding Ways quilt variation

This is just one of the many Winding Ways variations that are possible with the Deluxe shapes!


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Winding Ways by Linda Franz

If you haven’t ordered the new hardcover book yet, it’s time! And if you have ordered it, please leave a review on the website. It helps me and it helps other quilters too.

I’m sharing photos on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and in the Inklingo IO Group too. I hope you are following along.

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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  1. Hello Linda,

    Wow! This is really great having the new size for Winding Ways. I just love all the possibilities. I wish I could make the quilt from the picture you have posted. It is just beautiful. Is this your work or someone you know?

    Thank you for this new shape collection.
    Best regards,


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