What does the Inklingo Patent mean?

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Q. I was wondering if I can create a little mug rug pattern using the free shape collection to encourage the ladies to go to website and download the free collection and make the little project. I just want to clear it with you before I go ahead.


A. You have my permission to create any patterns with any Inklingo shape collections, free or paid. 

There is no limit or restriction. You do not have to check with me first. You can write patterns which only work with the related Inklingo shape collection OR which describe several methods with Inklingo as one of the options.

I encourage designers to do this and I am happy to help, if you have questions. I will also help promote your patterns on Facebook and the blog, if you wish. If the shapes you need are not available yet, I still might be able to help.

The Inklingo Patent means that I am the only one who can create Inklingo shape collections (shapes to print) but ANYONE can write patterns or books showing how to use Inklingo.

I wish more designers would do what you are proposing. Ignorance about patents and copyrights has been an issue—not because people are stealing my inventionbut partly because quilting designers and teachers are honest and don’t want to do anything wrong!

Let me encourage you to design with Inklingoagain and again. Inklingo is a tool. Think of an acrylic ruler. If someone produces an acrylic ruler with a clever shape and clever markings, it would feel wrong to copy it and start manufacturing identical rulers. However, you CAN write patterns and books about how you use that clever rulerwithout checking with anyone. It is the same with Inklingo. Everyone benefits.

There is information about the Patent on the website which might make this concept clearer to you.
There is a link to that page from the footer of every page on the website.

As it says there, the Patent on Inklingo is intended to benefit everyone in the quilting industry.

I have often been told that Inklingo is the most important new tool since the rotary cutter. When the rotary cutter was introduced, it produced a whole new quilting industry with an explosion of new patterns, new techniques and new books. It could have happened with Inklingo too, 8 or 9 years ago. I’m still expecting it.


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Q. Are you getting paid for spreading the word about Inklingo? 

If you teach Inklingo or tell your friends about Inklingo, when a new quilter buys something from inklingo.com as a result of your referral, you get 30% of everything she buys for the next SIXTY DAYS. It is generous!

How to give a demo WITHOUT the distraction of a computer.

Why Teach Inklingo?

The Inklingo Affiliate Program (Since 2010)

Inklingo for Designers
http://www.inklingo.com/blog/how-to-write-a-quilt-pattern/ (one of many)


Miss Marple and The Body in the Library


I post a photo or two on Facebook every day. It is usually about quilting, but sometimes it is personal. I love to share photos of your Inklingo blocks too!

You do NOT have to have a Facebook account to see what I post there if you go directly to

However, Facebook only shows my photos to about 20% of the quilters who have “liked” the Inklingo Facebook Page, so the best way to stay up to date is to subscribe to the blog (top of right sidebar).

If you are on Facebook, please post photos of your Inklingo blocks on my page and please “like” and “comment” and “share” my photos. It makes it more fun for everyone.

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

Thank you for visiting!

Linda & Monkey


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5 thoughts on “What does the Inklingo Patent mean?”

  1. Thank you, Sara.
    This is good information. On the other hand, even if you choose Get Notification, if you never Like, Comment, or Share, Facebook will eventually stop showing the updates in your timeline.
    It is a good idea to check the Inklingo Facebook page periodically, so you don’t miss anything.
    Linda & Monkey

  2. You are really generous, both with your explanations of your patterns and with helping people to use the shapes to help friends and students learn your method. I know that your generosity helps you to develop your business, but you have a particularly kind way of expressing yourself and a rather unique distribution method. Thank you. Alice Kane

  3. I always use Inklingo to print off my Jo Morton pattern shapes.
    So much more accurate than I could do with a ruler and cutter.

  4. This might help with Facebook not showing photos to many subscribers: On the Inklingo Facebook page, where you have the option to “Like” the page, that “Like” button also has a drop-down menu. One of the choices is “Get Notifications.” See if that works. You have to Like the page before you can choose Get Notifications.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up Linda. I hope more magazines and designers will include Inlingo in their pattern instructions because of this reminder.

    If I had a more active quilting blog or website, I would definitely become an affiliate! Not only would it help spread the word, but it’s easy to do and pays so well!


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