Video – How is printing on fabric with Inklingo different?

How is printing on fabric with Inklingo different?

If you have printed on fabric before and didn’t like it, I have good news.

print hexagons on fabric

Printing shapes on fabric with Inklingo is not like printing labels or photos on fabric.

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Print on fabric, almost any fabric

You can print shapes on almost any cotton quilting fabric with no special pre-treatment or scary chemicals.

As long as the fabric has been washed, it will stick well enough to freezer paper to go through an Inkjet printer without jamming. There are no extra steps and the freezer paper can be used over and over again.

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More sewing time NOT more computer time!

If you are like me, you don’t want to spend more time at the computer and you want to get to the sewing part faster.

Just a few minutes at the computer will set you up for hours of wonderful sewing time with no worries about whether the shapes will fit together—no templates, no measuring, no extra tools like corner trimmers and markers, and no trimming up afterward.

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Everything fits together perfectly (like my new downspout drain) and you can switch from hand sewing to machine sewing depending on your mood. (Inklingo quilters call this hybrid sewing.)

Inklingo eliminates extra tools and expense, so you can spend more on fabric if you like.

If you have ever felt limited to “fast and easy” designs, printing on fabric with Inklingo will set you free.

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Start with the FREE Shape Collection PDF

Please start with the free Diamond Triangle Square PDF. It includes the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook too!

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Six Simple Steps with Scraps PDF

Thousands of quilters have started printing with just the free shape collection but if you want a super-fast start, the new Six Simple Steps with Scraps PDF includes everything you need to know about printing on fabric for only $20.

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Choose from Hundreds of Designs

Once you have printed from the free shape collection, you will be ready to choose from the hundreds of designs in the Inklingo Shop.

What are you waiting for? Print on fabric and sew your best quilts!

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PS Have you received a free fabric sample? (Canada and USA only)

Inklingo free fabric sample

We’ve got lots and we’ll print more when these are gone.

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