TWO New Books – Sharon Burgess & Willyne Hammerstein

Sharon Burgess Dilly Bag

Quilting on the Go is jam-packed with projects for Inklingo quilters. I hardly know where to start—so I’ll start with the very first one.

It is a Strawberry & Cream Clam Shell Dilly Bag.

I had to look it up. Apparently a “dilly bag” was used by Australian Aborigines to carry food. That makes it absolutely perfect for anyone who needs to carry chocolate and a sewing kit wherever they go, don’t you think?


Print clamshell shapes on fabric

The pattern uses 2 inch Clamshells, which you might even have already from Inklingo. There are several sizes available on the Main Clamshell Page, which is perfect if you need a larger bag. When you print the shapes on fabric, it goes fast.

You might want to give a dilly bag full of chocolate to everyone this Christmas. It is a fabulous, creative way to use up your scraps.


Clamshell templates

As usual, the Clamshell shape collections include the shapes without seam allowances too, just in case you want templates. (No acrylic required or desired!)

Most of Sharon’s very pretty projects can be made with Inklingo hexagons, diamonds, triangles, etc., so I have more to say about this beautiful book!


Millefiori Quilts 3 by Willyne Hammerstein

However, there is Breaking News! Your book is on its way!

Russ mailed all of the pre-orders for Millefiori Quilts 3, Priority, from Niagara Falls NY on Friday, September 15.

Most of you will have Millefiori 3 in your hot little hands on Monday or Tuesday!

Lucky me. I have had a few hours to browse through this beautiful book and I have formed an opinion.

For me, Millefiori Quilts 3 is the BEST book of patterns from Willyne so far! Yes, even better than Millefiori 1 and Millefiori 2—and that is a high bar. Quiltmania has outdone itself.

The quilts are all stunning. Even if you don’t have the first two books, I think you will want this one. Another nice thing is that it is all in English (or all in French) this time, so all 168 pages of gorgeousness are devoted to patterns.

Willyne has come up with so many intriguing designs in this one that it is hard for me to predict which one might become the overall favorite, the way Passacaglia and Ballet have become.

When you get your book, please let me know which ones are your favorites, so I can get busy with new shape collections. I will listen to you.


Moncarapacho by Willyne Hammerstein

Even more good news . . .

The cover quilt is called Moncarapacho, named for a city in the south of Portugal. Moncarapacho uses the same two diamonds as Ballet and Passacaglia. They are obviously favorite shapes for Willyne.

If you have the Ballet or Passacaglia shape collections from Inklingo (Main Millefiori Page), you have everything you need to make the cover quilt in a choice of sizes! (I will update the website with this info asap.)


Capriccioso byWillyne Hammerstein

Willyne’s names for the quilts are as intriguing as ever—Capriccioso, Tarantella, Moncarapacho—but what will quilters call them? “La Passacaglia with Mr Penrose” became La Pas, Millefioiri Passacaglia, Passacaglia Quilt and just The Passa.


Ietsie Pietsie Pizzicato by Willyne Hammerstein

There are 18 stunning quilts in Millefiori 3. As usual, if you have the Inklingo shape collection, you do not need acrylic templates or papers.


Introduction to Inklingo

If you are new to Inklingo, this VIDEO on the Welcome to Inklingo page on the website explains how to print on fabric with your Inkjet printer.


I have much more to say about Quilting on the Go AND Millefiori Quilts 3 but I wanted to be sure to blog today to remind you about making a donation (below). Please subscribe (top of right side-bar), so you don’t miss anything.

You might also be interested in the recent articles about Fussy Cutting and Hybrid Piecing too.

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Have you made a donation to help the hurricane survivors?

My offer was extended until tonight at midnight. If you have donated at least $15 to the Red Cross (or similar charity) for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma since September 3, and let me know at, I will give you the new Clamshell Edges 3.5 inch shape collection. It is a good deal. You can’t beat FREE.

Millefiori Quilts 3 and Quilting on the Go are still at low intro prices for a little while but they can’t last forever, okay?

Thanks to Sharon (Australia) and Willyne (The Netherlands), this Canadian had to look up “dilly bag” and “Moncarapacho” and that makes it even more fun.

I want to hear what YOU think of the designs in these two books too!

Linda & Monkey


New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Main Beginner’s Page  There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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12 thoughts on “TWO New Books – Sharon Burgess & Willyne Hammerstein”

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Willyne last week in Paducah and I’ll share this interesting fact: Moncarapacho is the name of the town where her son in law has a villa. He loved this quilt and will get it one it’s done touring. I was excited to discover that this quilt uses template A and B from la Passacaglia. I asked Willyne and her response was “oh, maybe. I reuse the templates” lol… So casual. BTW though the pics in the book are beautiful, in person was amazing!

    • Lucky you, Aileen! I hope you found out how to pronounce Moncarapacho too. LOL I never say Passacaglia correctly, so I concentrate on spelling it correctly. I wonder how these names will be abbreviated. In my head, Moncarapacho is already pacho. . .

  2. I’m getting my book this week and I know that I will want to make Cappriccioso. So if you’re looking for something to do Linda ??? Lol.

  3. That is one of the things I love about Sharon’s Quilting on the Go projects. The shapes are inklingo-able for many of them. You probably already have the shapes you need for several of them.

  4. I don’t know, Kelly. Once the books are delivered I think you will find it really hard to resist starting something new. You will have to be strong, okay? 🙂

  5. Got my Quilting on the Go book on Saturday. Thanks Linda! So many cute projects, think I need to make that block keeper for my POTC blocks. Have the 2 inch diamond collection already.

  6. Yay! I can hardly wait for my books to arrive! I’m really looking forward to browsing through them. Sadly, I’m not allowing myself to start a second hand piecing project until my ballet quilt is done. Only an estimated 2 more years to go…

  7. Fun fact:
    Australian friends have told me that in Australia people are accustomed to bring their own coffee or tea mugs to meetings so the don’t use disposable cups. Many people carry their mugs in a small bag like this Dilly Bag.

    I think it would be a fun quilt guild activity here in the US to make bags together or to have a bag-making contest so members could bring their own mugs to guild events. Thereafter they could “fine” members a quarter if they use a disposable cup, with the money going to the guild’s education activities, to the guild’s charity, or to the hospitality expenses!


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