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I was delighted and honored to be asked by Terrys Fabrics in the UK to answer 5 questions about creativity and inspiration.

The questions made me think a bit.

How did we get to where we are?

Templates for Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses
Long, long ago (2002-2004), when I was teaching hand piecing, I was learning from my students and “one thing led to another.”

Quilters worked with freezer paper templates from my Quilted Diamonds books and “one thing led to another” again.

When quilters started printing on fabric with Inklingo in 2006, it meant machine piecing too, and one shape collection led to another . . . and another . . . and another.

And one book led to another and another.

Tutorials, design books, videos.

Quilters have led me along this path. I think I’m following the leader.

Where are you taking me next?

Interview for Terry's Fabrics Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics
To see the questions AND my answers, please click on this image.
Lucky for you, there was a strict word limit or I could have gone on and on and on.


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Part 4 is coming soon!

Linda & Monkey


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3 thoughts on “Terry’s Fabrics Designer Insights”

  1. I did this too! Just today I passed off a small sewing kit to a co-worker who expressed interest. Last week I brought in a small selection of fabric and she picked 2. This weekend I printed two combo 2’s from the free collection, one on each fabric. Rolled them up and placed them in a Clinique bag I had gotten for free some time ago. I also made her a finger pincushion as I was taught to make by Monkey. I also included a small scissors, a mint tin that contained a few pins and needles, and a small spool of thread. Sadly, I forgot a thimble. She seems excited and I hope to hook her on hand quilting. She isn’t a quilter now, but since hand quilting is much less of an investment, perhaps she’ll become one.

  2. What a great look into your creative soul, Linda! I’m loving what you say about quilters giving you inspiration, and in turn, you give back such creative and beautiful designs to the very people who inspire you. It’s a creative circle.


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