Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC)

Cathi POTC

Cathi Godwin has been posting all of her POTC blocks on her blog, Quiltobsession, and she gave me permission to show the one that is my favorite. Thank you, Cathi!

Cathi’s POTC is a gorgeous example of the effectiveness of fussy cutting a few of the hexagons in each block, and Monkey decided I should feature it in a little video, so you can see how fussy cutting is done with Inklingo.

Easier said than done. What a monkey.

This is my second official day on WordPress, and I think I have learned quite a bit, but I had trouble figuring out how to include the video here, so I used a workaround and added it to a page on my web site, in order to post it before midnight—just barely. This morning, I opened a YouTube account and edited this entry to embed the video.

You will also want to see Cathi’s blog post, which shows how she pressed the block. If you click on her photos you can see a larger size.

There are many other beautiful POTC blocks posted on the InklingoProjects blog too. Please check all of the links in the sidebar.

I think I am going to like blogging, but this one post took me most of the day! It was fun, so if you like this little video and would like more of them, please let me know.  If I am making any blogging mistakes, I would like to know that too. Thank you very much for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

9 thoughts on “Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC)”

  1. Linda, I had a chance today to check out your new video and it was done so well that I understood the process very well. Although I am new and just starting out, I have found so far that it is so wonderful. I have just played around with a few blocks so far, just to get the feel of it. I have not had any problems with printing out my blocks…and how just wonderful it is to have it be so easy, fast and enjoyable. Your new video is very enjoyable, and clear to even me the new person on the block. Hugs Morgan

  2. Congratulations from me to on your new blog, Linda!
    I loved the fussy cutting video, and will folowing this blog.
    Cathi’s block is also one of my favorites.

  3. Linda

    The video is excellent! I am excited for you to have a blog. ’tis nice to hear your voice again (-: Teresa / I:

  4. Congratulations on your new blog, Linda!
    I loved the fussy cutting video, and look forward to giving it a try!


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