Octagon templates to print on fabric

New Inklingo Shapes!

Inklingo has new octagon templates to print on fabric with your ordinary Inkjet printer.

Octagon templates to print on fabric for Lucy Boston Keyboard Patchwork

Hand Piecing on the Porch

I fussy cut four of the sixteen octagons—à la Lucy Boston—with Inklingo Octagon 0.75 inch. Then I just needed to print 12 more octagons an 9 squares and I had everything I needed to be ready to stitch on the porch.

These new octagons are perfect for a quiet Saturday afternoon. All I need is a needle & thread, pretty little scissors, and some fabric in my lap. KISS (Keep It Simple Stitchers) is a great way to relax. A little al fresco stitching was a nice break from all of the machine piecing I have done with Inklingo this summer.

I absolutely love the octagon templates to print on fabric in the Inklingo Octagon 0.75 inch. shape collection. You might think of HEXAGONS when you think of Lucy Boston but this new Inklingo OCTAGON shape collection was inspired by Lucy Boston’s Keyboard Patchwork. You can see it in Diana Boston’s wonderful book, The Patchworks of Lucy Boston, which was reprinted recently.

Cathi Godwin at Quilt Obsession requested the shapes for the Keyboard Patchwork.  She calls hers the Harpsichord Quilt. As you might expect, there is a musical theme in the fabric. It is gorgeous, so I think you will want to click to see it.

When quilters started receiving Diana’s book, it was clear that they wanted/needed octagons to print on fabric with Inklingo. Monkey says it was predictable because he knows that quilters who use Inklingo for one quilt want it for every quilt.

Octagon templates to print on fabric for Keyboard Patchwork by Lucy Boston

Octagons PLUS Triangles and Squares

I included the squares and triangles to match the octagons. The simplified format makes it possible to introduce new shapes quickly, so everyone can start having fun sooner.

If you have Diana Boston’s book, the original Keyboard Patchwork is on page 54.


If you don’t have Diana Boston’s book yet, then you are in for a treat! It is one of my all-time favorite quilt books because it is full of inspiration. The story of Lucy’s quilts is inspiring, and with the Inklingo Octagon collection, you can save time preparing, so you can spend more time sewing.

This new Inklingo shape collection is small and inexpensive, but it includes the features you love: shapes to print on fabric (of course), a choice of layouts (naturally), suggested cutting layouts (so handy), and suggested custom page sizes.

We’re listening and we are stitching just like you.  Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

6 thoughts on “Octagon templates to print on fabric”

  1. I love KISSing!!! And I have been making this block too. I can’t believe you gave us the very thing I was fascinated with in the Lucy Boston book! They turn out so pretty! Your fabric choices are gorgeous!


  2. Beautiful octagon blocks Linda! Love the fussy cutting. I think I see octagons in my future. 🙂 Right now I am working on some Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses. My colour theme is Autumn and I am testing out a little fussy cutting on some of them. I have five blocks posted on my blog, if you would like to see them.

  3. LOVED visiting with you at the Checker open house!! Your blog is coming along nicely!!! And I’m going to have to make time to try this out… it’s so cool!

    Are you going to Houston? I forget what you told me!


  4. When I saw your blocks I immediatly thought, I want to make these….I have a scroll of things that I want to do with Inklingo and I am beginning to think that I won’t accomplish them all in my life time. Everytime I turn around a new collection is out with inspiring blocks. Thanks so much for everything!

  5. Linda, your Keyboard blocks are making me want to start doing some fussy printing/cutting of octagons and a whole other quilt than the Harpsichord Quilt!! Gorgeous!


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