New Look for Inklingo

The blog has a new look. There are some big changes happening! I hope you like it.

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I discovered recently that the blog notifications were not being delivered in a timely way, so you may not have heard from me for a while. I’m trying to fix that.

It’s a fresh start. I am sending notices to small groups of quilters each day until I reconnect with everyone.

Silent Garden star

When I’m not working on the blog, I’ve been sewing my Silent Garden top together.

If you want to keep receiving periodic updates from me (approx 4-8 emails a month), it is a good idea to add as an approved sender. (This is sometimes called “white listing.”)

If you stop opening emails and clicking, you might not hear from me again or my emails might not be delivered.

You may have noticed that Google made some big changes to Gmail email recently. You might not be getting emails you used to get. Google might put blog emails into a folder called “Promotions” instead of your Inbox.

Other email providers are making similar changes and they will stop putting emails in your Inbox if you never open and click on links.

Inklingo Live Video 03

If you don’t want updates 4 to 8 times a month, it is easy to unsubscribe using the link in the email.

If you need help or have questions or suggestions, please let me know.

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In this new layout, Post a Comment is at the top. I love hearing from you, so YOU have top priority.

The Search box has been moved to the side, where it was last year.

I started the blog in 2009 and it has become more and more complicated but one thing that is simple and relaxing is watching videos while you sew, so here are a few things you may have missed.

I’m glad you’re here. Thank you for visiting!

Linda & Monkey


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