Bonnie Hunter’s Celtic Solstice Mystery – Inklingo Clue 02a

Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery   WELCOME BACK, DETECTIVES!


Bonnie's Chevrons with Inklingo


Intriguing? How appropriate for a mystery!

Welcome to a world of intrigue, where 2 sheets of printed parallelograms are all you need to make 100 chevron units.

It’s like magic!


This short video took 3 days longer to edit than I planned!

Have you heard the quote: “If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter”? That’s how I felt about this video.

I had too much footage, too many photos, and even more ideas. The hard part was keeping it short.

I want to tell you so much about Inklingo that sometimes it is hard to stop.

Monkey finally gave me a stern look and said “Enough already.” I listened to the monkey. It’s done.


Bonnie Hunter's Clue 02 with Inklingo


  1. Straight grain in all the right places
    This is important when it comes to assembling the quilt top. The last thing you want is bias edges on your blocks!
  2. Minimal waste
    The layouts allow you to make very efficient use of scraps and two-inch strips.
  3. Satisfying results
    When you sew stretchy bias seams before they are cut it is easy to get perfect blocks without distortion. Bias is not your friend when you are piecing! (Love it for appliqué!)
  4. Simpler and faster
    There is no need to draw lines on fabric or use any special seam guide. Quilters who print on fabric have a huge advantage.
  5. Minimal printing
    I am printing more than the minimum for my quilt because it is so fast and easy, but it is not necessary to print small scraps and dark fabrics  at all!
  6. Inexpensive
    For Bonnie’s mystery, $20 gets you all the shapes for all of the clues. No weird rulers or other tools required.


Inklingo for Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice


  1. If you are new to Inklingo, please follow the Quick Start Guide on the website!
    We always recommend starting with the FREE  Diamond/Triangle/Square Shape Collection, so there are no surprises when you buy something. The first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook is included with the free shapes! See pages H5-H48.
  2. DOWNLOAD the FREE Inklingo Celtic Solstice PDF for Clue 02.
    (You can catch up on Clue 01 too, if you like.)
  3. Order and download Bonnie’s Celtic Solstice Shape Collection ($20).

NOTE  Bonnie’s Shape Collection will stay at a special low price for a few weeks, so you can make your decision after you have seen a few clues and played with the FREE shape collection.This is a mystery, not a race!

Bonnie’s Celtic Solstice Shape Collection includes all of the shapes for all of the clues.


Free Diamond Triangles Square Shape Collection

Love the lines. Quilt more!

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Let the fun begin!

Linda & Monkey

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11 thoughts on “Bonnie Hunter’s Celtic Solstice Mystery – Inklingo Clue 02a”

  1. Hi again Linda
    Yep I think a walking foot would help immensely! I have a Viking (no built in walking foot) and all that is supposed to work is the generic low shank wlaking foot which Viking sold to me for $$$ and it fell apart after a couple of uses. Sigh…I thought about trying my featherweight butI was almost done by that time.
    I think a big problem is that there is no straight stitch plate for my machine and the one that Viking sold me as a substitute didn’t work again…seems like I need to not buy from that dealer any more LOL
    I got them done and as I said I will try again maybe on a different machine in the future.

  2. Hi Linda, Thankyou so much for your great video and all the helpful instructions. Presently I can’t start this mystery quilt until after my plaster is removed and right thumb moving properly again after surgery. This gives me the opportunity to read all the information from everyone before I start my quilt. I have wanted to do one of Bonnie’s quilts for along time and I’m sure your system will help me to do that. Thankyou once again.

  3. Wonderful vid, Linda. Love your tip to sew the squares then cut! Thank you. I am not making the whole quilt right now but am making some of each clue/unit to try all the methods and tips and keeping it all in a folder. Love learning and trying new things but Inklingo always guarantees success because the accuracy is absolute!

  4. Another great video! And I don’t even care that I’ve already printed all my HST’s already…. Because I had so much fun with my new printer! I was having a bit of trouble with my sewing too, Cathie…. although I made it work and got better by the 4th unit. Today I’m going to attach my walking foot, though. I think that’s the key! Only now I want a new Pfaff sewing machine with a built in walking foot! LOL! Thanks, Linda and Monkey. Can’t wait to see what’s in store with Clue #3!

  5. Hi Donna, Good question. I don’t think you will miss the lines on the HST when we assemble the quilt top. You have perfect straight grain on all of the shapes and an intersection at the midpoint to act as a matching mark. I printed some of the HST but I don’t think I will miss the lines on the others. Each of these little blocks is so PERFECT! Of course, quilters who are hand piecing (great portable project!) are printing everything.

  6. Linda, agreed! I found that out on my Clue 1 pieces, I wasn’t having any luck until I attached my walking foot. But I do have another question.

    I just printed out some parallelograms, and I was thinking about the HSTs. Although I said I wasn’t going to print them, I was thinking, when we start to join these units, am I going to miss the stitching lines? In other words, since the HSTs have the ¼” stitching line printed all around, I might want them there for joining purposes.

  7. Hi Cathie, I have a walking foot on my machine and it makes all the difference. I think I would have to pin without it. Personally, I would not consider using a sewing machine without a walking foot for piecing. I makes everything about quilting so much easier!

  8. Hi Linda, I really appreciated your precise directions on how to stitch these units. My first three came out perfect! I think for the remaining 97, I am going to print the parallelograms (so I always have the line to stitch along side of). I will however, print to cut the half square triangles as you are so right – we do not need the lines for those pieces! As always, thank you so much for your help, this video and for Inklingo.

  9. Lovely video that is very clear and shows all the great advantages of Inklingo Linda and good thing Monkey was there to push you to get it ready for prime-time! LOL
    I have a confession to make though…
    I really did try and try to use your quick method of stitching the chevron blocks but for some reason I was having all kinds of trouble…fabric slipping around and everything not lining up and a mess with my units. I was ready to break out the rulers and rotary cutter and do some more cutting and use Bonnie’s method…or try handpiecing to see how that went but then a thought
    why don’t I just try cutting the squares apart and just piece them on my machine like I was hand piecing?
    It worked!
    I might in the future try the other method again when I don’t feel like I need to get those units finished and tend to hurry.
    I do have to trim the dog ears both on my squares and parallelograms but I still think I have much better success.
    Thanks again Linda for your creative work and it has made doing the units a joy once I figure out what works best for me!


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