Sinterklaas was here!

It was a bright and sunny afternoon
When a delivery in Burlingtoon
Caused endless smiles and many gasps—
Fantastisch gifts from Sinterklaas!

Monkey uttered not a single word
But his eyes sparkled above his beard.
He pushed up his sleeves and started to mug
So we could take photos to put on the blog.

We heard one oink. The elephant’s a mystery.
The chocolate was captured, so it is history.
It’s clear that Zappos didn’t deliver these shoes,
Moreover, they usually come in twos.

Dear Sinterklaas shook his head sadly
When he discovered that Linda rhymes badly.
She did not learn poetry like her dear friend,
But she tried, and hopes it’s okay in the end.

Dank u! Dank u! U maakte ons glimlachen.

Thank you! Thank you! You made us smile.

We wish you a Merry Christmas with time to sew!

Linda & Monkey

12 thoughts on “Sinterklaas was here!”

  1. What a lovely Dutch “Santa” Monkey makes! I think he would look very manly or the Monkey equivilent in a kilt and tam too!
    Merry Christmas from Utah (where no one wears a kilt about except my 22 yr old son when he gets a notion!)

  2. What a day-brightener this is on this grey rainy day in Cincinnati! Thanks for your “pathetic rhymes” and for sharing this with us. I will be checking the tag for more in the future!

    🙂 <3 <3 <3 <3 🙂

  3. Monkey shows that he will be ageing well!!! Keep on with your poetic skills. Absolutely wonderful! And all of the Dutch is faultless. Most impressive.

  4. Dear Linda,

    An elephant named Houdini
    In a silver bikini
    would have made you look teeny
    by comparison

    The elephant named Houdini
    In a rhinestone bikini
    Didn’t work out as planned;
    Once in the box
    It was out of my hand

    An elephant named Houdini
    In a g-string bikini
    Cuffed with shackles and locks
    In a sealed metal box
    But it’s gone

    An elephant named Houdini
    In a silver bikini
    Is a lot of gray matter
    and a trunk full of tricks

    So with an elephant named Houdini
    In a g-string bikini
    It’s just the image that sticks

    Dank u, dank u, u maakte ons heel hard lachen!! <+:-) Merry Christmas to you, too!


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