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Inklingo Download Instructions

I have made Inklingo is as simple and friendly as possible.

There are important details below. The steps are all simple, but they are all necessary.  

Inklingo is intended to be fun, so please don't wait until you are frustrated if you need to contact me. There is always a simple answer, and I am happy to help.

The only common problem is trying to open with a PDF viewer other than Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is a System Requirement for Inklingo.

There are answers to frequently asked questions at Support > FAQ.

Step by step download Instructions:

1. WITH PICTURES - This page.
2. CHECKLIST  - Click here.


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1. Save on your hard drive (computer, not a mobile device).
2. Open in Adobe Reader (not any other PDF viewer).


Apple MacMAC USERS  Inklingo works perfectly on Mac. 

However, Inklingo WILL NOT open in Mac Preview.  
Please download and install Adobe Reader

Windows 8  NEW COMPUTER?
Some new computers have a Microsoft PDF viewer instead of Adobe Reader.
Please download and install Adobe Reader

Now you are ready to Log in, Download and Activate.


Logged in


If you are already logged in, you will just click on Your Acount (top right of window, as shown).


Quilter Log In

If you are not logged in, click on Quilter Log In (top right of window, as shown).


Enter email and password, click Log In

Enter the email address and password you created when you placed the order. 

(Your email address and password are "case sensitive." That means upper and lower case letters must match the original.)

Please, no extra characters or spaces before or after (no < or >).


Your account


When you are logged in, you can see a list of the shape collections you have ordered. 

Download one at a time. 


Choose SAVE

Click on a file. Choose "Save."

In this example, I clicked on FREE Diamond Triangle Square (green text).

NOTE: You will NEVER click "open" when you are in your account. You must open with Adobe Reader, not your browser.

This example uses Firefox on Windows 7. The dialog box on Mac or another version of Windows may look slightly different.


Create a new folder for Inklingo

When you click OK, you will be asked WHERE you want to save the PDF.

It is a good idea to create a folder on your computer for Inklingo.

The illustration shows my folder "Inklingo Example."

Whether you create a new folder or not, the important thing is to remember where you put it, so you can find the PDF later.


Choose save.

Choose Save.


Downloading progress

The download will only take a couple of minutes on cable. For downloading on dial-up, there are tips in the FAQ.

Drag/move the document from the download folder to the document folder.


You can change a setting (Option) to allow you to download PDFs if you don't have this option when you left click.


An update in April 2013 changed the download manager. You can change it back, so you have control over where your downloads are saved.


Please note: Once you ACTIVATE a file, there are no refunds.  (License Agreement


Open Adobe Reader

Open Adobe Reader.

You can click on the desktop icon Open Adobe Reader or go the Start button in Windows to open Adobe Reader.

Versions 8, 9, X, XI and DC of Adobe Reader are all fine.


Edit - Preferences

Now that you have Adobe Reader open:
Go to Edit > Preferences > JavaScript.

If you do not see this option, try the keyboard shortcut Control-K to open the Preferences dialog box.

NOTE JULY 2015 If you do not see this option, you do not have the full version of Adobe Reader. You can get it free from 
TIP If there is an offer for extras like free anti-virus, you can skip that part.


Un-check Global Security

(Mac users: Adobe Reader > Preferences > JavaScript).

Make sure “Enable global security policy” is un-checked.

Click OK.


File - Open

Still in Adobe Reader, go to File > Open


File Open

Navigate to the folder where you saved the file and click OPEN.

IMPORTANT FOR MAC USERS  You may have to drag the document onto the Adobe Reader application icon to make sure Mac Preview does not try to open it instead. 


Enter email, password, click OK

The file will open with a covering page. While you are connected to the Internet, enter your e-mail address and password.

Click Login.

If nothing happens when you click Login, it means 
(1) you are not opening with Adobe Reader or 
(2) it is already open and you can see all of the pages in the Bookmarks. 
(See 200 days below. You do not have to enter your email address and password every time, just when it is longer than 200 days.)


Download 01

If you are asked, allow a connection to a remote server.

It is necessary to allow access to



There will be a pop-up message indicating that the file has been unlocked. The cover page is still there, but you can scroll past it to see everything. Play with View and Bookmarks and have a look around.

Please visit the Inklingo Welcome page next. 

It is intended to make your Inklingo experience Precise, Simple, Fast, and FUN. 


201 Days


You can use Inklingo any time, even when you are "offline" (not online).

If it has been longer than 200 days, you will be asked to enter your email address and password. Nothing expires. You don't have to keep track.

This step was added so you will be alerted if there is a newer version of a PDF. If there is a newer version, you can log into to your account on the website and download it free. (Whenever you download from your account, you get the newest version.)

By the way, you can force another 200 days any time. To do that, un-check the box at the bottom of the sign-in page (to open automatically next time) and close Adobe Reader. When you open again, you will be prompted to enter your email address and password and then you will be set for another 200 days "offline" (when you are not connected to the Internet). 


I always answer as quickly as possible and I am happy to help. 

The ONLY common problem is trying to open with something that is not Adobe Reader, so almost all "tech support" requests are solved with one email. 


If nothing happens when you click to log in or if you get a message that the file is damaged or if you see a place to enter the Doc ID, it means it is not opening with Adobe Reader. It is not necessary to download again, although you can if you want to. There is no limit on the number of times you can download, just the number of computers. (EULA)

Some PDFs will open with a different PDF viewer like the ones on some Windows and Mac computers or with a browser like Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox or Chrome but Inklingo requires Adobe Reader.  Other programs don't recognize the copy protection, so they say the file is damaged even when the PDF is good. 

If you just click on the file name, another program may try to open even though you have Adobe Reader on the computer. It is important to open Adobe Reader first and go to File > Open, as described above.

If you need help, please give me as much detail as you can.
For example:

  • Windows or a Mac computer? 
    Inklingo will not open on a mobile device like a phone or tablet/iPad. System Requirements
  • Which version of Adobe Reader? (In the Help menu.)
  • What happens when you try to open?
  • Any error message?
  • Were there any steps in the download instructions that you were not able to complete?