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Printing Issues

  • How can I print on fabric without jams?
  • Why does the protectedpdf logo print after I have unlocked the PDF?

    The protectedpdf logo should NOT print when you have unlocked the PDF! It is simple to fix.

    This issue only affects Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. It is not common. I am sorry if it has affected you but there is a simple fix. 

    Print Dialog box

    All you have to do is uncheck one setting (Save ink/toner) in the Print Dialog Box, and everything works again. (It's a mystery but it works.)

    Inklingo uses such a tiny amount of ink that most of us would not want to use that setting anyway. That probably explains why it only affected a few quilters.

    The quilters I worry about are the ones who have a question but who don't ask for an answer. I am happy to hear from you. linda@lindafranz.com

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