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Inklingo General Questons

Inklingo Computer & Printer Requirements

  • What kind of printer should I buy?
  • Can I use a laser printer for Inklingo?
  • What are the system requirements?
  • Does Inklingo require the Electric Quilt software?
  • Does Inklingo work on MAC?
  • Does Inklingo work on an iPad or other tablet?

    I am sorry Inklingo PDFs will not open on an iPad or other tablet or phone. Maybe some day.

    Inklingo requires a PC or Mac and Adobe Reader as described in the Download Instructions and the System Requirements

    Inklingo uses printing features which work best on computers (PC or Mac). Even though it is possible to print from an iPad and other tablets, Apple only provides a very limited print dialog box, so it is not possible to print Custom Page Sizes even when the printer has that feature. A small screen is also a drawback. 

    I am concerned that a quilter might buy Inklingo for an iPad and then be frustrated when it came time to print—the key feature.

    In addition, all of the prices would have to go up because the fee I pay for copy protection would be higher than it is now, and I would have the expense of re-formatting everything going back to 2008.  (You can see the long list under the Shop tab.) It seems unfair to make everyone pay a higher price for the sake of a few quilters. I hope that by the time more quilters request it, the cost of implementing it will be less than it is today and that Apple will have restored the print features. 

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