Reconnecting with Pat Sloan!

Do you  remember when I was on Pat Sloan’s Creative Talk Radio last year? We had a ball doing the interview. Pat and I can talk and talk!

Monkey could not get a word in edgewise.

There are some really nice things about radio on the Internet.

  1. You can have a really bad hair day and no one knows.
    (I frequently have radio hair. Pony tails are best.)
  2. It is recorded, so if you missed it, you can still listen to it.

Monkey never has a bad hair day, no matter what happens.

Pat has a new interview with interesting quilters every week. You can listen LIVE on Mondays at 4 pm Eastern Time here  and send Pat questions for her guest, or you can listen later—any time that’s good for you!

If you’re at the computer printing with Inklingo anyway, why not listen? As Marilyn Monroe said, “It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.”

Get into comfy clothes (or not), get ready to sew, and listen.

Pat recently told me about her book of redwork patterns, Redwork with a Twist.

Pat updated traditional redwork for modern quilters, and the designs are charming.

I think modern quilters would like to use Inklingo to print Pat’s designs on fabric, don’t you?

From Pat’s Redwork page, you can also link to the radio show (great list of guests), Pat’s blog, her newsletter, and her fabric store (lots of clearance specials).

Pat is also having a give-away on her blog tomorrow, so be sure to visit!

Pat is not at Inklingoist—yet—but I think we have to convince her to make her designs inklingoable, don’t you? How will we convince her? I have to put my thinking cap on. . . over my pony tail.

Thank you for visiting!

Linda & Monkey

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2 thoughts on “Reconnecting with Pat Sloan!”

  1. Pat Sloan also has a great web forum, Quilt Mashup. with lots of different topics. You can get email notice of just the topics you want to follow. She mentioned the Drunkards’ Path design book in her blog today. (One of the topics is Pat’s blog) and I put in an enthusiastic endorsement of Inklingo. Hopefully we will get some discussion going about it. Will have to mention Pat working with you to get her designs Inklingoable. She does a lot of applique too.

  2. Hi Linda & Monkey,
    Thank you for all the great links to Pat’s sites, especially her blog and radio link. I will be listening soon.
    Thanks again.
    Cyn; -)


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