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I introduced the first Inklingo shape collection in 2006 and Monkey Exercise # 1 was the first stand-alone pattern to use the shapes on CD # 1. It is suitable for beginners or experienced Inklingoists.

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Monkey Exercise # 1 is a good introduction to Inklingo with directions for making coasters from Pieced Hexagon designs. Monkey is a hand piecing snob so for this exercise we use a running stitch.

System Requirements – Windows or Mac with Adobe Reader (not a phone or tablet) and any ordinary color Inkjet printer or all-in-one.

Monkey Exercise # 1 Pieced Hexagon

Good Things about Monkey Exercise # 1

This pattern includes directions for coasters, but the tips and techniques apply to any size quilt.

The shapes to print on fabric are not included but there are step-by-step instructions for ironing freezer paper to fabric, printing, cutting the shapes, and stitching star halves together.

  • Print with Inklingo Shape Collection # 1 or 1-inch Diamonds 60° and/or 1-inch Hexagon 60°
  • Color Inkjet printer, any kind
  • Freezer paper (Reynolds’ roll is fine.)
  • Fabric: small pieces of two coordinating fabrics, about 11 x 20 inches (a little more than a fat eighth)–—washed!
  • Rotary cutter, two rulers, and a mat
  • Needle, thread, scissors
  • Pencil/marker (to label freezer paper)
  • Batting: scraps of thin batting, e.g. Thermore

Once you have made the star pattern with diamonds, you will feel confident with the many variations of Pieced Hexagons that use other shapes. There are some good ideas for more hexagon designs on Pinterest.

Monkey Exercise # 1

I include half diamonds (triangles) in Inklingo Diamond shape collections to give you even more design options.

More Good Things

Monkey sews with a running stitch but no running shoes are required for this exercise.

The pattern is suitable for scraps and nickels, and it includes suggested cutting layouts, worksheets, tips for hybrid piecing (combining hand and machine piecing), and pressing diagrams.

It even includes a quilting design. However, Monkey says, You could skip the quilting entirely in a gift emergency, or if there is condensation all over your wine glass and nowhere to put it down.

This pattern was originally designed to use Inklingo Shape Collection # 1 (2006). That CD included 1-inch Diamonds 60° and 1-inch Hexagon 60° with the related halves and quarters to make many Pieced Hexagon designs. The bad news is that Inklingo # 1 on CD sold out many years ago. The good news is that you can still make all of the designs if you have matching diamond and hexagon shape collections. (We have a never-ending supply of downloads.). 

Shape Collection # 1 is no longer available but I am leaving this pattern on the website because many quilters do have the Inklingo # 1 CD or have hexagon or diamond downloadable shape collections and can still use this pattern.

Print on fabric with Inklingo

Love the lines. Quilt more!

This pattern is suitable for beginners and experienced Inklingoists.

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  1. PeggyS (verified owner)

    I have this pattern and am in the process of working on it,and it has been so easy for me,because I get lots of hexagons in a short amount of time. Love it!!

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