Pine Cone Quilt Design

This is just a small sampling of Pine Cone blocks. What will you sew?

This is just a small sample of the designs in the Pine Cone Quilt Design Book.

With Inklingo, the featured triangles and curves are easier, faster, and more precise than ever before!

Pine Cone Quilt Design Book sample page

Inklingo is the best tool for this design. No measuring, no templates, perfect straight grain. Use a rotary cutter or scissors and sew by hand or by machine!

I am loving Inklingo and can’t wait to start more projects! 🙂  Beth in Arkansas

1. Exciting Designs

Look at the quilt layouts on the All About Inklingo blog and the 18 worksheets in the design book for inspiration.

Pine Cone Quilt Design in Electric Quilt software

There is a free Pine Cone Quilt EQ7 project file on the blog, so if you have Electric Quilt software you can play with color and design.

Combo Layout for Pine Cone Quilt with Inklingo

2. Save Fabric and Save Time with Combo Layouts

There are TEN combo layouts for Pine Cone! Of course, you can print the shapes separately too but Combo Layouts use fabric very efficiently and save time.

There is a good article about Pine Cone Combo Magic on the blog.

Custom Page Sizes for Pine Cone Quilt

3. Simple to Decide How Much Fabric

Diagrams for each Inklingo shape make it simple to decide how much fabric you need, whether you are using scraps or yardage.

Inklingo layouts use fabric very efficiently, often more efficiently than you could with templates!

rotary cut curves

4. Easy to Cut

No measuring. No templates! Use scissors or a rotary cutter.

There is a video showing how easy it is to rotary cut curves without templates. The example uses the New York Wheel shape collection but it is the same for the gentle curve in these Pine Cone blocks.

No expensive cutting machines are required—and there are perfect stitching lines and matching marks printed on every piece!

Sawtooth Stars quilt block

4. Easy to Sew Triangles!

By machine, print one fabric with triangles, layer it with unprinted fabric, and sew along the lines. When you cut them apart, you will have perfect Sawtooth Squares for Pine Cones!

By hand, the rows of triangles are perfect for continuous stitching. (Inklingo quilters love it!)

5. A Choice of Three Sizes!

The sizes were chosen to work together, so you can make stunning designs with two or three sizes.

“Inklingo-drafted vintage patterns offer so much more than “just a pattern”.  Delores in AZ

6. Fussy Cutting Opportunities!

There are two methods of fussy cutting Pine Cone shapes with Inklingo.

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