Peek and you will find

Birthday Candle in Banana

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the All About Inklingo blog. It has been a good year. To celebrate, we added a new tab up there (across the top) called Index.


Monkey invites you to take a peek at the old messages, and leave a comment to let us know what you would like to see in the new year.

Monkey with magnifying glass

Peek and you will find. No magnifying glass is required.

Thank you for visiting All About Inklingo. We hope you’ll come back for our new year.

Happy Birthday to us!

Linda & Monkey

19 thoughts on “Peek and you will find”

  1. Hi Linda & Monkey! Congratulations on one year of blogging! I so enjoy this way of keeping us informed of all that’s new in Inklingo-land. I’m a brand new blogger myself. Took me awhile to get on board with this way of communicating. Keep up the good work! Hugs, Driveway Barb

  2. Hi Melinda, Good news! The sashing in that lovely blue and white quilt on Barabara’s blog is made with Storm At Sea shapes, and there are 5 different Inklingo collections available now. You can see all the sizes in the FREE Storm At Sea Design Book ($20 value). In a nutshell, your sashing could be 1.5 inches wide, 2 inches wide, 2.25 inches wide, 3 inches wide, or 4 inches wide. Lots of choices! The direct link to Inklingo Storm At Sea (including the free book, 80 pages, download) is
    BTW, the Clamshell/Pickle Dish variation (orange quilt further down on that same page on Barbara’s blog) will also be ready this summer.

  3. Linda, Monkey and Russ
    Happy Anniversary to you all. I know what a hard and busy year you have had but you are the best and I love how accurate your designs are. I just wish I had some time to work on my piecing.

  4. Hi Peggy, I don’t feel older either. In fact, I feel full of beans. (Linda ate the banana, but she would rather have ice cream.) I hope if we make it to the Naples show this year that you will enter another Inklingo quilt and get another ribbon! Love, Monkey

  5. Happy year one. And I must admit, Monkey…you really don’t look one year older. That shows that bananas are better for you than cake. Love your blog, Linda. Hope you can make it to Florida this year.

  6. Ahhh. Ice cream is my weakness, Anneke. How did you know? It is not safe to keep it in the house, but Russ takes me to Dairy Queen every once in a while. Their chocolate soft ice cream is my fav.

  7. Wow, Rona. That is very nice to know. Thank you for telling me. I like thinking of you hand piecing diamonds with complex physics research running through your head. Fingers and mind, working together.

  8. One year already… Congratulations!
    I had a banana icecream to celebrate the occasion, and I thought of you, Monkey. A heartfelt ‘Hieper de piep, Hoera! from Rotterdam.

    XXX Anneke

  9. Congrats on one year!! Here’s to many more!

    When I found out about this blog, I sat through and read all the archived posts from the beginning. The index will make this great reference easy to to navigate.


  10. The blog takes a lot of time, but it has so many advantages over email. Illustrated—searchable—accessible—permanent. You were right all along, Cathi. Thanks for the push.

  11. And to think you were thinking you might not want to blog!!! Look at how great this is — with the index and the archives. What a fabulous tool to add!!
    Happy Blog Birthday, Monkey!!

  12. Wow! Who knew? The index you provided has a wonderful new link called Archives which takes you here and shows all the topics by Categories, Month, tags, and last 50 entries! I love this! You can find everything, just like an index there. Thank you for monkeying around with this and letting me know!

    And congratulations on your first year for this blog! I’m looking forward to another year of cool tips here and on Facebook!

  13. Thanks for your concern! Linda was pretty tense, and the candle was lit for less than a minute. She says I am flammable. Tom Cruise and I are tough. No stunt doubles. Love, Monkey

  14. Oh, Monkey be careful by that open flame. DHubby worries about this all the time at our house. Please have a BDay kiss from me and blow out the candle in a hurry. Some Ice cream and chocolate would go great with the banana.
    In the middle of the Mitten….Sheron

    • Someone else just wrote, worried about the candle balanced on the banana. No, we don’t live that dangerously. LOL The candle holder is a spike, firmly planted in the banana. Now I understand why Sheron was so concerned. When we were sure we had a good photo, I ate it (the banana).


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