Joseph’s Coat in Electric Quilt

Plan with the Worksheets

The new Joseph’s Coat Shape Collection (announced in a message on June 18 2011) includes worksheets to help you design quilts.

The worksheets give you a great way to plan your “coat of many colors” color scheme.

Karen of Karen’s Quilting has written several messages about Inklingo Joseph’s Coat on her blog, and you can see how she colored her worksheets.

Sew by Machine or by Hand (Pieced or Appliquéd)

Karen is hand piecing, but you can machine piece these very gentle curves easily. With the lines printed on the fabric, you have the choice to hand piece if you need a portable project. (I also included a back-basting layout for appliqué fans.)

Joseph’s Coat in Electric Quilt

Inklingo worksheets are nice to have, but Inklingo quilters were designing with the new shapes in Electric Quilt software in a flash!

Three Inklingoists have very generously shared their files with quilters in the Inklingo Yahoo Group. Thank you Sue, Anneke, and Barb!

This was especially kind, because Joseph’s Coat is an overall or “continuous pattern” and that can be more difficult to draw than a block-to-block design.

In other words, most of the blocks are not complete blocks. If you place a Joseph’s Coat Circle (12 melons) in the top left corner (above), the ones next to it have fewer melons, and so on, across and down the quilt.

The smart people at Electric Quilt  included quilt layouts for hexagon designs and other continuous layouts because they know that these designs can be tricky. That means continuous layouts for designs like Joseph’s Coat are easy in EQ—when you know what you are doing—and some Inklingo quilters are very good at it!

Sue at Lily Pond Quilt Designs

Sue Wegert wrote to me first with her EQ5 files, and she gave me permission to share them with you. Thank you, Sue!

EQ5 file (Click to download)

Sue designed TWELVE quilt layouts, including some uncolored ones, and several sizes.

She even added a few layouts to show how she built the quilts with partial blocks.

Be sure to read the information on Sue’s EQ notecards. Monkey says the notecards are a fabulous (and under-appreciated) feature of Electric Quilt. Sue included useful information for each quilt.

Sue’s file is especially useful to quilters who have not upgraded to EQ7 yet. Her EQ5 file opens with EQ5, EQ6, or EQ7.

NOTE  Electric Quilt automatically calculates the quilt size for you, but the fabric requirements are more accurate in the Inklingo Catalogue of Shapes.

Anneke of Stof Genoeg

Anneke of Stof Genoeg was quick to share an EQ7 file with  her version of Joseph’s Coat too. It is in the files of the Inklingo Yahoo Group.

You will want to see her message on Stof Genoeg. She includes some very useful tips and tricks. Stof Genoeg is one of my favorite blogs, and each message is always in Dutch and in English.

Barb Vlack, EQ Author and Teacher

And then—what a delight! Barb Vlack, famous EQ expert, author and teacher (and new “Inklingo addict”) contributed an EQ7 file too! It is also available from Inklingo Yahoo.

Barb Vlack went above and beyond. She wrote a detailed lesson for the Inklingo Yahoo group spelling out the steps for creating the quilt using three different “motif shapes” which she drew in Electric Quilt’s Patchdraw. (Message # 18662 in the archives.)

Aren’t quilters lucky to have Inklingo and EQ? Join the Inklingo Yahoo group where friendly quilters share their expertise.

Whether you are machine piecing or hand piecing these gentle curves, we think you will love designing the layout in Electric Quilt.

I hope you will leave comments for Anneke, Barb, and Sue. If you do, I will make sure they get them.

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares  in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

Inklingo for Beginners

Tilde’s 15 Minute Challenge (Win $25, Draw on September 1st)

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