Inklingo Quilters are Printing and Sewing!

From Canada to California to Mexico to Australia to France to Denmark and everywhere in between, quilters have been printing and sewing Inklingo shapes and making beautiful blocks.

I have permission to share a few.

Patchwork of the Crosses by Monica in California

Monica wrote:
“The 2 on the left were from Carrie’s Pieceful Gathering kits. The others I made up out of the fabric scraps I have… some of which didn’t really look like scraps until I fussy cut and put holes all over them!”

Absolutely beautiful work!

I love what Chantal is doing with the Silent Garden design. (Millefiori Quilts 3)

“I cannot resist to send you my first attempt with Inklingo. I have found a rythm….I am in a club and, although my “colleagues” are very traditional, they were all marvelled. I am sure some of them will do an Inklingo project next year. ”
Chantal in France

Amazing creativity. A first attempt. Très beau.

POTC by Beverley in Australia

Beverley has finished her POTC quilt top! She wrote:

“I’m so pleased to have found your way of piecing. I have almost finished my first inklingo project, a passacaglia quilt. So much more enjoyable than paper piecing!”

Absolutely beautiful work. I have shared more photos of Beverley’s beautiful quilts too.

Patchwork of the Crosses by Jytte in Denmark

Jytte in Denmark has shared dozens of her POTC blocks online, so you can see every detail.

Jytte wrote:
“My fabrics are reproduction fabrics, so they are older looking than the fabrics Lucy used, but they are so beautiful. Hope to finish the quilt some day – I use both machine piecing and hand piecing, just like you have shown in your book. And of course, I use inklingo.”

Jytte has captured the spirit of Lucy Boston with wonderful fabric choices. You are going to want to click on the link to see all of them!

Storm At Sea by Joyce in Ontario

Isn’t this amazing?

Joyce in Ontario has made two quilts so far with Inklingo. She wrote:

“The Storm at Sea was the first. I stumbled upon your site looking for Storm at Sea patterns and bought the 9” shapes. I had also been reading “Color Play 2″ by Joen Wolfrom and tried a colour combination outside my normal comfort zone. I really liked the results so my next two pieced quilts are also using your Inklingo method. I am enjoying the accuracy.”

I will share more photos showing detail of this amazing quilt and her Mariner’s Compass on The Inklingo Facebook Page too. What an inspiration!

I have many more photos to share.

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Introduction to Inklingo

If you are new to Inklingo, this short video will bring you up to speed.

Starlit Star by Kathy in Mexico

I think Kathy must be planning an on-point star quilt this time. “This collection has so many possibilities..alone and with the other collections.”

I have been very busy on a special project, so Monkey is late with his reminder about the sale ending on Starlit Stars.

Starlit Star with fussy cutting

The special low intro price should end tonight at midnight (March 28) but we have extended it one more day. Starlit Star 12 inch

Print Diamonds on Fabric

Then you can print the shapes on fabric and sew! When you do, I hope you will share photos too.

Thank you for visiting today.

Linda & Monkey

7 thoughts on “Inklingo Quilters are Printing and Sewing!”

  1. It is great to see Quilters from all over the world using Inklingo. And seeing how different our fabric choices are…all wonderful!!!

  2. I have just started with this method for quilting. I am getting familiar with printing the diamonds and squares. Thanks for all the information. Hope to do some finished work.


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