Inklingo Patchwork of the Crosses – POTC


Lucy Boston is irresistible! We predict that you will not be able resist either.

Inklingo Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses POTC

Russ claimed the remote last night for hockey and basketball.


Inklingo Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses POTC

I binged on Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally and French Kiss and sewed 3 POTC blocks—and started a fourth—before Le Baiser Français a été fini.


Inklingo Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses POTC

Thanks to Inklingo, I did not have to baste or whip-stitch.

Whip-stitching is too hard on my hands and I don’t want any stitches showing on the front.


Inklingo Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses POTC

I love the way the blocks press when they are sewn by hand with a running stitch.

There is just a tiny amount of ink. I could have drawn the lines with a mechanical pencil the way I did for Quilted Diamonds, but the lines would not be as fine or precise and it would leave lead in the quilt that does not wash out.

Some quilters are sewing these seams from crosshair to crosshair by machine, but I love a portable project.


Inklingo Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses POTC

It takes less time to press blocks sewn this way than it would to remove EPP templates —and the bulk is distributed perfectly around the intersections.


When Harry Met Sally

Are you in on the fun?

Monkey and I have been creating “quilting memes” like this one for the Inklingo Facebook page. Everything I see and do seems to have a connection to quilting.


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It is another unseasonably cold day here but the sun is shining. There is no snow in the forecast, but there are more POTC blocks (and March Madness) in the domestic forecast.

The POTC block I am sewing is always my favorite. Irresistible. I predict the first one will be your favorite. Yes?

Linda & Monkey

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5 thoughts on “Inklingo Patchwork of the Crosses – POTC”

  1. LOVE the memes! A peek at another facet of the serious quilter we have come to know and love…a great sense of humor! Keep the memes coming!

  2. Love your blocks and love the movie When Harry Met Sally. My husband interrupted my watching of it (back in the days of VHS and a VCR) to propose to me. I was speechless….and really wanted to finish watching the movie!!

  3. Hey Linda,

    3 movies that my husband and I enjoy very much! We watched
    When Harry met Sally just last week. Always a treat to Watch
    again and again.


  4. Your POTC blocks are so gorgeous that they’re tempting me to take a slight break from the Springtime in Paris blocks. So much so that I’ve made a window template and have auditioned a couple of fabrics.

    Fussy printing/cutting some of these hexagons seems to have cast an almost irresistible spell!


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