Inklingo Hugs and Kisses for Electric Quilt

When she saw the new Inklingo Spool Shape Collection, Karan Flanscha in Iowa sent me her X’s and O’s design.

Karan’s EQ design inspired me to try a few too.

Whatever I design, Inklingo makes it easy to sew the blocks by machine with perfect straight grain.

No templates, no measuring, no waste. A line to cut on, a line to sew on! Inklingo even tells me how much fabric I need!


X’s and O’s is also called Hugs & Kisses.

  • 1 simple block
  • 2 names
  • 3inches

(The new Inklingo Spool Shape Collection was created for 7.5 inch Spool Blocks, as shown in my last message, but the shapes are extremely versatile for 3, 4.5, and 6 inch blocks too.)

We love grandchildren, and fabric, and Electric Quilt, so let’s start some X’s and O’s!


This is my variation. It uses Northcott Ainsley, which I imported into EQ6.


Did you know that the Northcott Fabric website has swatches of all of their fabrics to download free to use in Electric Quilt?

I watched the Northcott video on how to download their fabric swatches—easy peasy.

The EQ6 User Manual included everything I needed to know to use the swatches (especially pages 138-139). Monkey says, “When all else fails, read the manual. X O X”

This is also Northcott Ainsley. I like emphasizing the zigzag. I’m thinking about a quilt with a zigzag border now too. . .


I noticed that there is a very cute Northcott collection called “Don’t Be Afraid” on their website. Wouldn’t it be fun to fussy cut the monsters with Inklingo and wrap a little darling in hugs and kisses?

(Note to self: Allow extra. We’re fussy cutting! LOL)

I can’t think of anything grandmothers like better than hugs and kisses from grandchildren, unless it’s fabric and Electric Quilt!


To keep my EQ project files small, I did not include the extra fabrics, so this is a great time to learn how to import swatches.

Even with default fabrics, it’s a fun design.


Hugs and Kisses in EQ5

Hugs and Kisses in EQ6

Hugs and Kisses in EQ7

The file includes one quilt and the block unit to get you started.

There is more info on the website, but you might also like these:


Inklingoist Sue Hodge in NY also posted photos of her first blocks for the “Blushing” quilt using a free pattern from Henry Glass. They are in the photo albums of the Inklingo Yahoo Group.

The block in the free pattern is a slightly larger size but it is so simple to sew with Inklingo that you can just make a few extra to make the quilt as big as you want. The layout works perfectly with the new shapes and would be easy to draw in EQ.



The soft colors of the free Blushing pattern are perfect for wrapping a baby girl in grandmother’s love. On the other hand, if you choose fabric that is bright and bold, you might entice your granddaughter into learning how to quilt!

Inklingo makes Hugs and Kisses blocks simple enough for a beginner to learn how to sew on the machine. Print on fabric, cut, and sew!

I hope you will be sewing inklingoing today. I have a pretty view from the computer keyboard even when I am working all day. We are having a lovely stretch of weather with just enough overnight rain to keep the grass green and the mower busy. (That’s Russ.) Sometimes our grass browns out in August, so this is a bonus.

Thank you, Karan and Sue, Northcott and Electric Quilt for the inspiration!

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See you later? I hope so.

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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Inklingo for Beginners

Inklingo Quiz – Just for Fun!

6 thoughts on “Inklingo Hugs and Kisses for Electric Quilt”

  1. Hi Cyn! That is the problem with Inklingo. LOL Most of the shape collections are so versatile that it is hard to name them. Oh, well. It’s a good problem to have, eh?

  2. Super! Thank you, Linda, for another great EQ7 file. It is like getting a “jump start” on the design process. I didn’t realize when i first bought our newest collection that it was so versatile. What a happy discovery! Love it. Thanks again.
    Note to Jiliian: thank you for the reminder link to Bonnie’s pattern. I had forgotten about that little gem!
    Cyn; -)


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