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There are a few new things on the Inklingo web site, in response to requests from quilters who are giving Inklingo demos in the next few weeks.

I am very grateful to all the quilters who fall in love with Inklingo and want to tell their friends about it. The new Demo Notes, Flip Chart, and updated Demo Handouts should make demos easier and more fun for you. They are under the Support tab with other good things.

An Inklingo friend wrote this week about a fun encounter in a Jo-Ann’s store.  She heard a complete stranger talking about printing freezer paper, and she told her about Inklingo. Sue said she wished she had a small card (like a business card) with the Inklingo web address, which she could keep in her purse for these occasions.

There is a small handout (4 to a page) which describes how to get the free shape collection. Quilters have been able to print and give those away since September 2008, but I like the idea of a smaller one too. It is a great suggestion. Any more?

If you write in advance, I am always happy to print handouts for you, but the handouts on the web site are great for small quantities, or if you need something on short notice. Let me know if you would like some handouts for a guild meeting, a demo, a retreat, or the bus trip to Paducah, okay?

In my case, I find that it is easier to talk about Inklingo for an hour than it is to talk about Inklingo for 5 minutes.  Maybe the Demo Notes and the Flip Chart will help me stay organized.

Thank you very much for helping to spread the word about Inklingo!

Linda & Monkey

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