Inklingo and Adobe Reader DC

Worrying Works!

This is a story with a happy ending.

But I still worry, of course.


Adobe Reader

As you know, Adobe Reader is the only way to use Inklingo.

Adobe Reader is the only PDF viewer that recognizes Inklingo copy protection and has the Print Dialog Box we use for printing custom page sizes. (Download Instructions)

Unfortunately, some quilters have reported problems when they try to print Inklingo shapes, even when they followed the instructions perfectly.

I hope you have not been affected but if you have been, I can help.

There have been two “tech support” issues and there are easy ways to fix them.


Windows 10


If you have installed the Windows 10 upgrade, you may have to re-install Adobe Reader.

The Windows 10 upgrade can corrupt other software. Some quilters have had to re-install Adobe Reader and other software programs too, even though they worked fine until the upgrade.

Get Adobe Reader

The good thing is that Adobe Reader is free and quick to download and install. (Other software can be more of a nuisance.)


How to Open Inklingo PDFs

Once it is installed again, you just have confirm that the Global Security Setting is not checked, as shown in the video (no audio) and you are good to go.

EXTRA TIP  Re-installing Adobe Reader may count as a new computer. If it says you’ve already used Inklingo on two computers, just let me know and I’ll fix it for you. (End User License Agreement EULA) It only takes a minute.


This page is protected.


For some quilters, when they click to print, they are re-directed back to the log in page and the pages print with “This page is protected.”

How annoying!

Of course this should NOT happen!

It causes frustration and makes quilters unhappy that there is copy protection at all. (I wish it wasn’t necessary too. My life would be simpler.)

I try to make the copy protection as user-friendly as possible and to provide “tech support” by email 7 days a week.

Whenever a quilter has reported the printing problem, I have asked her to uninstall DC and get XI and everything works again the way it should.

Yesterday, I received new info and there is a simpler solution!


Adobe Reader DC

Simple Solution: All you have to do is uncheck this setting in the Print Dialog Box, and everything works again! Hooray!

Inklingo uses such a tiny amount of ink that most of us would not want to use that setting anyway. That probably explains why it only affected some quilters.

Isn’t that strange? It must have been figured out by a genius! (Certainly not me!)


Worrying Works!


As usual, the quilters I worry about are the ones who have a problem printing Inklingo shapes but who do not ask for help.

They might just give up and feel disappointed.

I can’t help if I don’t know about it.

Any time you notice a problem, PLEASE let me know. If more quilters had reported this, we might have recognized the issue sooner AND been able to fix it sooner.


Adobe Reader DC


The Inklingo Download Instructions have recommended Adobe Reader XI to quilters who don’t have Adobe Reader yet because DC seemed so flaky—working for some quilters but not for others. It did not make any sense, so it was just easier to avoid DC.

I am updating the info on the website and adding a note to the FAQ next.

You can use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC if you want to.


If you know anyone who has had trouble printing with Inklingo, please pass the word along OR ask them to email me at for help. I always answer as quickly as possible, often within minutes.

I am sorry if you have had to re-install Adobe Reader or if you have not been able to print whenever you want to.

Whenever you have an issue or questions, please email me.


Introduction to Inklingo

If you are new to Inklingo, there are step by step instructions and a VIDEO on the Welcome to Inklingo page on the website.


I have more good stuff to show you once I have updated this info on the website. I don’t think you will want to miss it.

There is a link to subscribe at the top of the right side-bar.


I have been posting photos and videos on the Inklingo Facebook Page every day. You will only see my photos in your timeline if you choose to follow Inklingo. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can still see the page (not comment or share) by clicking on this link.


We love our high-tech tools but it can be really frustrating when an “upgrade” downgrades us!

I want to help, so you can enjoy using this amazing quilting tool!

Linda & Monkey


New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Main Beginner’s Page  There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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11 thoughts on “Inklingo and Adobe Reader DC”

  1. Hi
    I’m a happy girl now. I’m brand new to Inklingo and very excited as I love to hand piece. I could not get it to print the right sizes. Found this link on the Yahoo Forum and did the re-install and everything works perfectly.

    Off to do a test on muslin – Debbi

    • Hi Debra, Thanks for letting me know. If you have any questions as you go along, please let me know. There is usually a simple answer like this and it could save you some time. I hope you have a wonderful week with time to print and sew! Linda

  2. It is astonishing, isn’t it, Angela! Thank you for letting me know you are back on track. I hope you have a wonderful week with time to print and sew!

  3. I am astonished that the simple act of unclicking “save ink/toner” solved my printing problem so quickly. Thank you so much for being on top of problems associated with technology!

  4. Hola Conchita,
    You are right. Inklingo works on Mac with no issues. Just be sure you use Adobe Reader for Inklingo, not Mac Preview. Everything else is the same.
    Besos y abrazos,
    Linda & Monkey

  5. Hi Linda
    As you haven’t mentioned it, I’m assuming Apple (Mac) is OK. I haven’t been able to sew for a while so I wouldn’t have found any problems.

    Thank you, besos y abrazos xoxo

  6. Hi Pat,
    You are right. Many quilters need to re-install drivers after the upgrade to Windows 10 and I can help with that.
    However, I have not heard from anyone who had to re-install printer drivers after updating the free Adobe Reader. I have done it several times, back and forth, myself and have not had a printer problem.
    If anyone does have an issue with that, I can help.

  7. Hi Gail,
    Unfortunately, I hear from quilters all the time who don’t like Windows 10.
    I paid our tech guru to block the Win 10 update, so I am still using Window 7.
    I love it and I’m going to keep it until they stop supporting it.
    I cannot imagine living without one now and we love what we can do with them but they can be frustrating too.

  8. Windows 10 makes messes of lots of things, including coming into your computer and making ‘changes’ whenever it wants to whether you or your computer needs the change. When it first came out they had those commercials with the little kids that they said would always have Windows 10, I wondered how THAT would happen, and this is why, you get upgraded whether you want it or not any time they want! GRRRRRRRRRRR

  9. After reinstalling Adobe you may need to reinstall the drivers for your printer. That was my problem, I didn’t realize the don’t automatically install when you sync up printer to a new computer. Happy Inklingoing.


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