Inklingo 2010 in Review

Happy New Year!

Tomorrow we will look forward, but on this last day of December I decided to look back, and to my surprise, I realized I added 7,781 pages of shapes and illustrated instructions for hand piecing, machine piecing, and appliqué in 2010, in 32 new Inklingo titles, of which 8 are free.

The biggest accomplishment of 2010 is the Patent on the Inklingo method.

The Patent is a major event in my life. I have told Russ that if I were to have a tombstone (which I won’t), I would want 7,814,832 chiseled on it.

If I can keep on keeping on, before too long I think every quilter will use Inklingo for at least some of her quilts. I feel very good about that.

Inklingo is the quilting tool we’ve always wanted. Best of all, I have been able to structure Inklingo so that all designers, all teachers, and all quilt shops will benefit from it. That is not “too good to be true!”

January 2010  Dresden Plate


Also January 2010, Winding Ways


March 2010  Storm At Sea




May 2010  Double Wedding Ring and Pickle Dish


May to August 2010  Crazy about Clamshells!



August 2010  Inklingo Hexagon Quilt Design Book

October 2010  Appliqué


December 2010  Feathered Star


A few other things:

  • Prepared 66 blog posts (Sign up to receive an email every time there is a new one. See the sidebar.)
  • Was interviewed on Pat Sloan’s Creative Talk Radio 
  • Was interviewed for Julie Baird’s Quilt Generations blog, Stash Talk
  • Was chosen as one of 4 Favorite Things for Quilters in 2010 by Maria Peagler
  • Taped 3 days of video with Bonnie McCaffery and produced several short videos. (The 80 second one is my favorite.)
  • Added translations on the web site for Dutch, Spanish and German, thanks to Anneke, Claudia, and Sabine.
  • Added the Inklingo Quiz and other pages to the web site.
  • Moved the web site to a private server and added several great new features like Reviews by Quilters for Quilters and a new menu structure, with the help of a genius web site programmer in Brooklyn NY.
  • Wrote countless emails, drew a staggering number of illustrations, and took thousands of photographs on 3 different cameras.
  • Printed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sheets of fabric to mail with book orders.
  • Introduced the Inklingo Affiliate Program, so quilters, shops, teachers, and designers benefit when they tell others about Inklingo.
  • Had chocolate milk in my coffee every day. (A day without chocolate is not worth getting out of bed for.)

The list of things NOT accomplished is also pretty important.

  • Translations into French, Danish, etc. (Inklingo is used by quilters in at least 60 countries now.)
  • Updates to the Index of Shapes for the new Feathered Star Shapes (Oops—I’ll do that tomorrow.)
  • More improvements to the web site
  • More videos
  • Advertising campaign to support Inklingo Affiliates
  • Keeping up with email and comments on the blog (must do better)
  • Figuring out how to use Facebook (skip it?)
  • Teaching for guilds
  • Book for beginning quilters 
  • More shape collections—all the ones you have asked for!

I sometimes feel discouraged (and look tired) because things always take longer than I want them to take, but you lift me up with your enthusiasm for Inklingo. Thank you!

Love the lines! Quilt more! And please stay tuned! Monkey and I have big plans for you.

Thank you for visiting. I hope 2011 will be a happy, healthy, successful year for all of us.

????? Have I missed anything? What was your favorite thing of 2010?

Linda & Monkey

PS There’s a Search feature for the blog archives above the header, if you’re looking for something else.

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start  (Always FREE.) There are triangles diamonds and squares  in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

17 thoughts on “Inklingo 2010 in Review”

  1. Linda,

    I count myself incredibly lucky that I had the opportunity to get to work with you this year on our interview for the website. You are a most talented, inventive, creative and sharing quilter and person! I wish you the very best that the New Year can hold for you. You DESERVE all the good things that come your way!


  2. WOW! I’m exhausted just reading all you accomplished in 2010 🙂 You still look great in your photo! Thank you for all your hard work producing all the collections for us to play with.
    I wish you all the very best for this new year 2011 and looking forward to seeing what you do next ;))

  3. Thanks to your wonderful Inklingo Products I have attempted the “Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses” quilt. Something I would never even have attempted without the Inklingo process so Thank You ever so much for creating this way of printing pieces onto our fabrics. I love handwork so this gives me the incentive to do just that. Again, Thank You and I am so happy to know you are still creating!!!!!

  4. I love looking at my Inklingo projects…my hexagon quilt “Butterflies in my Grandmother’s Garden”, my clamshell quilt (unfinished), my Drunkard’s Path (unnamed as of now). I would not have even attempted any of these if not for Inklingo. Thank you, Linda, for showing me how to make projects that until now were not on my list of “to dos”. Way to go girl.

  5. I can translate into Norwegian, if you want me to just say the word! (Norwegian can be easily read by people from Denmark and Sweden…)
    Love your work!
    Happy new year from Berit in Norway

  6. What a lovely lot of wonderful accomplishments for 1010. I have so many plans for Inklingo in 1011 but hope to finsh some of the things soon..and I really want to do that 20″ Feathered Star. I have seen lots of photos you yourself and Monkey – but it would be lovely to sse Russ too as I know what a wonderful helper and support her must be. So here is to Russ too 🙂 Love and all the Best the New Year.

  7. So very glad I found you and your site. I am looking forward to 2011 as a year of firsts, (trying new things), a year of lots of sewing and a years of quilts, lots and lots of quilts.
    I can’t wait to see what you and monkey come up with in 2011. It’s been an amazing year, 2010, for you, and I am so glad I have been able to share in your talents. Thanks so much for sharing, teaching and making our quilting moments fun.
    Here’s to 2011, may it bring you and your’s, the best year ever.
    Happy New Year.

  8. Linda, your photo is lovely!

    I discovered Inklingo this year, and while I’m a loooooong time seamstress, there was a little bit of a learning curve (mostly due to freezer paper and our printer!) but I got the hang of it last summer and am proud to say that I have been printing all day long for the past 2 days, without any paper jams! I can’t begin to describe the satisfaction and downright happiness that I feel when I see fabric coming out of my printer with lovely little shapes on it, all ready to cut and sew!

    I love how everybody involved in Inklingo, from Linda to fellow Inklingoists are all so kind and helpful. I love how I can find just about any shape I’m looking for at the Index of Shapes, and know that many more are coming down the pike!

    My favorite pattern? That’s hard to choose… and I suspect in future it will be even harder to choose! While I’ve purchased and am enjoying a number of truly beautiful and intricate collections, I have to say that I’m probably getting the most mileage out of my HST collection. It goes with pretty much anything.

    ~ Ronda

  9. My Favorite, reading all the helpful and friendly comments everyone puts up after you release a new collection and seeing who has stitched a new project in pretty colours first.
    No wonder you look tired Linda you have had a very busy year but your positive comments and unflagging enthusiasm help all of us. Congradulations on the patent.

  10. Dear 7,814,832:

    I smiled as I read and noticed I could time my projects based on the released of various collections. I enjoyed playing each time something new came out which, as we can see, was often. My very favorite thing this year was learning and growing as a quilter with Inklingo. I’m better than I used to be. As we go into the next year know that you’re appreciated and you make a lot of quilters very happy! *karendianne.

  11. My favorite thing is your unflagging enthusiasm that motivates me (and I’m sure lots of others, too). You inspire and make it possible for “dabblers” like me to accomplish things we never dreamed were possible! Thank you.

  12. My favourite is that you got the patent. As to the collections, how could one pick a favourite?? All the 2010 collections were so incredible that it’s impossible to choose one over another. They have all made it so easy to make incredible quilts.


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