How to Press Inklingo Castle Wall Blocks – 1

How to press Castle Wall Quilt Blocks

There are some fun things about pressing Castle Wall Quilt Blocks

This pressing technique makes Castle Wall quilt blocs look their best from the front and make them easier to quilt.


Castle Wall is perfect for hand piecing at the beach because you can leave all the pressing until you get home.

In fact, you should leave all the pressing until you get home again.

There is no advantage to “press as you go” when you hand piece. I don’t even finger press.

Inklingo Castle Wall

Hand piecing makes a beautiful pressing technique possible.

It makes Castle Wall look its best from the front and makes it easier to quilt.

I think you will want to use it whenever you hand piece—and maybe when you machine piece too!

As a bonus, Monkey and I will be sharing detailed illustrations for Castle Wall tomorrow.

How to press Inklingo Hexagons

In the meantime, if you know how to press Grandmother’s Flower Garden Hexagons or Pieced Hexagons . . .

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. . . or LeMoyne Star (free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection) then you will love pressing Inklingo Castle Wall too.

Inklingo Sand Castle

Whether you are building sand castles on a sunny day in Naples or pressing Castle Wall quilt blocks on a snowy day up north, it’s easy when you know a few simple tricks.

The Inklingo Handbook

There is a whole chapter on pressing and trimming in The Inklingo Handbook. If you buy it first, you can use the $10 coupon code to buy Castle Wall shapes to print on fabric.

By the way, Inklingo Design Books include detailed pressing instructions too. Double Wedding Ring even has a unique pressing guide to print and use at the sewing machine.

Inklingo - Print shapes with any ordinary Inkjet printer.

New to Inklingo? Start free!

Please start with the Guided Tour and the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection.The free shape collection includes the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook.

With the free shapes and the Top 10 Tutes on this blog you can get a fast start.

Inklingo Castle Wall 4.5 inch   . . . Inklingo Castle Wall 6 inch . . . Inklingo Castle Wall 9 inch

Inklingo Castle Wall

We’re not at the beach this winter, so my view is snow, not sand castles. I’m staying warm with my mug of decaf sweetened with chocolate milk.

I have Castle Wall blocks printed and ready to sew while we watch the Winter Olympics. If you are sewing Castle Wall today too, you might want to wait until tomorrow to press, okay?


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Do you know quilters who might be interested in this pressing technique? Let them know too, okay?

Until next time, you can catch up on our other Castle Wall posts about sewing sequence, settings for Castle Wall Quilts, a free Electric Quilt project file, and Cathi’s tutorial.

Stay warm in the snow and cool on the beach, okay?

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

2 thoughts on “How to Press Inklingo Castle Wall Blocks – 1”

  1. WOW!!! What a wonderful sand castle! I hope Monkey was able to scale the castle walls!

    You are so clever. That castle wall block has the same colors as the sand castle picture. Love it! Can’t wait to see how you are pressing this block!


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