H1N1 and Inklingo

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Russ and I have avoided H1N1 so far, but I have heard from several friends who are suffering. The extreme fatigue sounds terrible, and so far, everyone has reported a relapse after feeling better. It is very important not to do too much too soon. A secondary infection, like pneumonia, can be worse than H1N1. We have some great tips!

The Ontario Government has published info about avoiding H1N1.  Did you know that when you wash your hands, it should take as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday? There is also advice for being prepared in case you do get it. The World Health Organization recommends a two-week supply of food, water and medical supplies for your family.

Be Prepared with Inklingo!

Of course, we should listen to the experts, but they forgot something! You should also print an Inklingo kit with some shapes on fabric so that when you start to feel better you will have a fun project to keep you happy. You won’t be tempted to exert yourself and have a relapse.

Isn’t it a great idea to have a little kit with everything already printed, and all your hand piecing tools assembled in one place?  Monkey recommends it.

Tilde's Tiny Totes
Tilde’s Tiny Totes

Tilde’s Tiny Totes (free pattern) might be the perfect project during your recuperation.  You can see examples and many other ideas on the Inklingo Projects blog.

Harder than it looks?

Having an Inklingo kit ready sounds easy, doesn’t it? Yes, the printing is simple, but it requires a LOT of discipline. Why? It is so fast and easy to prepare Inklingo shapes, and they look so pretty and perfect, that you will be tempted to sew them right away—and that defeats the purpose. As simple and easy as it is to print more, you probably won’t feel up to it if you have full-blown H1N1.

Monkey (jumping up and down): Do not sew everything all up as soon as it is printed!

We hope you stay healthy, but it is best to be prepared. Go wash your hands and start printing, okay?

Linda & Monkey

PS Why the toilet paper roll?  <g> Instead of tissues, we use the best tp on our noses, and flush all those germs away immediately!

2 thoughts on “H1N1 and Inklingo”

  1. Thank you for the very good advice about the flu. Never thought of making sure we had 2 weeks of supplies… great idea. And an Inklingo kit ready to roll….another great idea :)) Delicious fabrics sitting with Monkey in picture above :)) Hugs Elly

  2. Hi Linda,
    My brother and I would judge how bad a cold was by how many rolls of TP we went thru. We called them one roller or two rollers. I don’t think we every got to a three roller. We would hang them with rope between the bedposts.
    I enjoyed your picture of monkey with his roll.


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