Fly Me to the Moon Print Checklist

It’s been a few years since I added a new Print Checklist.

print on fabric in lots of colors

Yes, I love to print on fabric and these lovely batiks are perfect for me. I can even print on dark fabric this time. Monkey says it’s time for a fresh Checklist.

You choose the one you like best from the three and keep it beside your printer.

print on fabric Checklists 2022

Click here to download the free Print Checklist (PDF).

Then keep going to see what I printed with the checklist and see how the pressing makes my stars look the best they can be.

Does your fabric talk to you? Some fabric sings to me.

This fabric sings along with the amazing Diana Krall. Click above to play! (It’s irresistible.)

print on fabric for 5 pointed star

Print Checklist with Singing Fabric

Fly me to the moon and
Print me with Inklingo
Let me play among the stars
Make me into cotton stars

(5-Pointed Stars, that is)

print on fabric for 5 pointed star

Let me see what spring is like
Let me jam with fabrics like
On Jupiter and Mars
Bright batiks and charms

print on fabric for 5 pointed star

In other words, hold my hand
In other words, sew me soon
In other words, darling, kiss me
In other words, Linda, print me

sew 5 pointed star

Fill my life with song
Print a custom size
And let me sing for ever more
Cut me up along the lines

5 pointed star

You are all I long for
Quilts are all I live for
All I worship and adore

In other words, please be true
In other words, print me soon
In other words, I love you
In other words, Ink. . .lin. . .go

Followed by a fabulous 3-minute jazz jam for 5-pointed stars before the lyrics repeat.

Good Vibes Batiks

Print on Fabric like This!

Before you ask, the fabric is a bundle of 10-inch squares from the Shop at The Quilt Show (no affiliation).

They washed beautifully (no fraying) and did not bleed.

5 pointed star

The colors are so inspiring they made me want to Fly to the Moon with Diana Krall and sew more 5-pointed stars.

press 5-pointed star

The stars press perfectly AND the 5-pointed star shape collection is still on sale for a LOW intro price. It is a great value but it won’t last forever.

Monkey says you can put your savings towards some singing fabric.

Thanks again for visiting AND singing along with me.

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