Inspired by the Latest Collections

This is a guest post by Anneke of Stof Genoeg, a dear friend and an enthusiastic Inklingoist.

This post is also presented in Dutch on her wonderful Stof Genoeg blog.

(Click on the quilt images for larger versions.)

  Lollipop Flowers 01

Linda asked us Inklingoists what we would do with the new Inklingo Circles collection. Well, I don’t know about everybody else, but I just want to design new quilts with them in EQ7!

Circles are so versatile, and to me they always look cheerful, happy, vibrant and…round. They make flowers, suns, pearls, berries, balloons, dots and yoyos.

So I was inspired to design a quilt with this collection, using almost nothing but 5 sizes of circles. I call it Lollipop Flowers, and there is a version with blocks on point and one with horizontal blocks.

All blocks are 6 inches square. The circles used are:

  • 2 inch for the flower head
  • 0.875 inch (7/8”) for the flower heart inside
  • 1 inch for the flower petals
  • 1.375 inch (1 3/8”) for the larger leaf
  • 1.125 inch (1 1/8”) for the smaller leaf

The stems are 0.5 inch wide and 3 inches long (finished size)

  Lollipop Flowers 02

The horizontal quilt measures 63 inches square, the on point quilt is 54 inches square. Of course you could make smaller versions. I think this type of appliqué, without any pointy bits showing (at least not in the horizontal version) would be relatively easy to do, especially when you use Karen Kay Buckleys Perfect Circles®.

You can download my EQ7 file here: Anyone is free to use it for personal use, as long as you respect my copyright.

  Blueberry Pie 13

Not only circles make me happy, so do Pie & Tarts! It combines two of my three very favorite things in the world: Eating and Quilting (My absolute favorite thing is spending time with the Man About The House). And so I was inspired to design a second type of quilt, based on Sue Daley’s Pie & Tarts quilt, with berries (appliquéd 2 inch Inklingo Circles) on top.

With only two blocks, you can make several different designs by flipping the blocks, so the trails of berries form different patterns on top of the quilt. I only used one coloring for the Pie & Tart blocks to show that the blocks are the same in each quilt.

  Blueberry Pie 10


Only two are shown here, but there is a slideshow with 14 variations on Stof Genoeg.  Sue Daley kindly gave me permission to share this EQ7 file with members of the Inklingo Yahoo Group, so if you are a member, you can download this file from the files section.

The Blueberry Pie & Tarts quilt was designed to celebrate a very special occasion, two new Inklingo collections in just two days! Congratulations, Linda & Monkey, you have done an excellent job once again!

XXX Anneke


Anneke of  Stof Genoeg  is a talented designer in Holland. I love visiting her blog because she is smart and funny and a genius with Electric Quilt software (EQ7). I feel lucky to be her friend.

Guess who translated the important first chapter of  The Inklingo Handbook—all 48 pges—into Dutch? Yes! Anneke also translated the  Download Instructions and the Quick Start Guide into Dutch for the Inklingo web site.

Be sure to visit Stof Genoeg to see the slideshow!

6 thoughts on “Inspired by the Latest Collections”

  1. Amazing designs and clever use of Linda’s newest collections. Thank you, Anneke, for sharing your talent with all of us.
    Cyn; -)

  2. I LOVE the quilts done with circles. I’m saving my pennies to add the Inklingo circles to my collection. I have the KKB circles and this will help me save sooooo much time drawing them. Anneke, your quilt designs are gorgeous.

  3. Dear, dear Linda & Monkey,
    It was an honor and a pleasure to be invited as the very first guest blogger on your great blog. I have tried to come up with something that would not put you to shame!

    Love and Hugs from Rotterdam

  4. WOW! Anneke you have created some wonderfully inspirational designs with the circles, pies and tarts collections 🙂 Thank you for sharing your design talents 🙂 Hugs Ellyx


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