Almost as irresistible as Inklingo?

P1050297 marble railway

My Marble Railway

There is a new toy at our house, and it doesn’t involve quilting!  I cannot explain it, but I find it irresistible.

I have great memories of sewing as a very young child and as a teenager.  We also played cards and games, and we enjoyed building and making things–forts, playhouses, costumes, knitted scarves, yards of spool cord, doll clothes—anything at all.

P1050304 marble railway

I have a vague memory of a plastic contraption that could be constructed with a pathway for small balls to roll along.  The ball dropped down from level to level, flipped a teeter-totter, turned a gear, etc.  I don’t know what happened to that toy but it stayed in my mind.  Over the years, I have looked for something comparable for gifts, but I did not know what it was called—a marble railway!

My cousin has a bright and beautiful little girl who will be four this month. She is a great little kid, and I wanted something special for her.  This should be just perfect.

P1050303 marble railway

I am in love with this toy.  I will deliver it to Sarah in time for her big day, but I think I have to buy another one for me—maybe more than one set for a longer track.  I don’t understand why it is so compelling.  I feel good just looking at it, so for the next week or so, it will sit on the corner of my desk, ready for me to rattle a marble or ten down the track.

P1050289 marble railway

The parts are ingenious: color-coded, well-made, easy to rearrange.  Everything came nicely packed in a strong box, but there was no plastic packaging.  The marbles and small parts are stored in a small cloth drawstring bag.  It is nice that there is not a lot of packaging to throw away (at Inklingo, we like Green stuff), and–even better–unless my cousin reads my blog, I don’t think she will be able to tell that I have been playing with it.  I can put everything back in the box just the way it came.  I promise not to lose any of the 50 marbles. (10 in each of five great colors!)

P1050298 marble railway

I found this “Marble Railway” by Quadrilla through Fat Brain on Amazon (no affiliation).  According to Quadrilla, it is only suitable for people between 4 and 99.  Luckily, that includes me.  (There are small parts, so it is not designed for very small children–choking hazard.)

P1050305 marble railway
Monkey not included.

Monkey understands.  If only I could explain the attraction to Russ, who thinks I’ve lost it. Maybe if I translate the concept into a quilt. . .

Thanks for dropping by.

Linda & Monkey

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  1. What a hoot! I can understand the attraction. If I got one of these things, all my sons (ages 23 – 30) and my son in law (29) would be playing with it and having a riot LOL.


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