Alabama Beauty

Yesterday on Creative Talk Radio with Pat Sloan, I mentioned Alabama Beauty. It is one of the uncommon, beautiful blocks that can be made with the Inklingo Deluxe Orange Peel shape collection.

Inklingo allows you to print the cutting and stitching lines on the wrong side of the fabric, so the preparation is fast. You can amaze everyone with this lovely block. You don’t have to tell them how precise, simple, and fast it is to piece it with Inklingo. (But we hope you will!) No measuring. No templates. No manual marking.

Cathi of Quilt Obsession is sewing a wonderful scrappy version with Inklingo. Her approach emphasizes the secondary design of circles when Alabama Beauty blocks are set together.

Orange Peel and Alabama Beauty are easier with Inklingo than with any other method, but there are pages of detailed instructions for sewing the curves in the Inklingo shape collection. The curves are easy to piece by machine, but this also makes a great portable project, if you like to sew by hand. You can also combine hand and machine in the same quilt—an Inklingo “hybrid.”

Cathi’s quilt is a pretty example of a scrappy approach. You can see more photos on her blog too.

A controled approach to color creates other secondary designs.

Notice the amount of blue in each of these individual blocks.

Like most quilts, the distribution of color and light/medium/dark values makes a big difference.


I could go on and on!


Which one do you like best?


Use the worksheets in the Inklingo Orange Peel Deluxe shape collection to plan your own variation, and Monkey’s Cheat Sheet to summarize the shapes you need from each fabric.

I am going to try to send a new message every day until I answer all the questions from  Creative Talk Radio.

The radio show with Pat was really fun, so I hope you will listen. You can download the show, save it on your computer or player, and listen while you quilt, while you do computer work, in the car, anywhere you happen to be. Monkey and I are on for the last 30 minutes of the hour.

If you haven’t tried Inklingo yet, you can print your first sheet of fabric in the next few minutes with the free shape collection. Start here.

Remember that if you listen to the show and leave a comment on Pat Sloan’s blog by Friday, you could win a prize. (Details in the previous message.)

See you tomorrow?  Thanks for visiting today.

Linda & Monkey

7 thoughts on “Alabama Beauty”

  1. great inspiration Linda and I think I like the blue and green version the best but I can also say that I love Cathi’s scrappy version as well.
    My friend has been working on a Joseph’s coat for years and it would be so much easier if she had had InkLingo.

  2. I like the last design. It gave the feeling you were peeking through someone’s lattice work garden to look at their beautiful blooms. (We are in the courtyard and planting phase of the new house, so I think my mind is stuck there!) Loved the talk show with Pat. Great Job Linda!


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