Tilde’s 15 Minute Challenge

Tilde approached me last week with an idea, and I think it is brilliant.

Tilde’s 15 Minute Challenge” is designed to help you print your very first shapes on fabric with Inklingo.

You can click to download the Challenge here (2 pages), and get in on the fun!

When you have done the Challenge and reported your results, I think you will want to make a Tiny Tote with Tilde’s Tiny Tote pattern too—and its free! 

Tilde in Copenhagen has been a dear freind (that’s how Jane Austen spelled it) for over ten years, and she was one of the first three quilters to use Inklingo in 2006. She is an amazing person and I feel very lucky to know her.

Tilde is the brains behind the Inklingo Sampler blog and the Inklingo Projects blog too.

With credentials like that, how can you resist?

Whether you are a beginner or experienced Inklingo quilter, please take Tilde’s 15 Minute Challenge! This is going to be fun, plus there will be a draw Monday 30 May from all of the comments here and on the Inklingo Sampler blog (combined)  for two winners of  $25.00 Inklingo Gift Certificates!

The challenge was created in response to questions and  suggestions. If you have suggestions, we want to know that too. The Inklingo Yahoo group is a great place to meet.

Go! Go! Go! Tilde’s 15 Minute Challenge awaits!

Linda & Monkey

49 thoughts on “Tilde’s 15 Minute Challenge”

  1. I took the challenge and it took me 17 minutes. I think that is pretty good there is no way I could be ready to hand piece a lemoyne star in less time thatn that using any other method.

  2. Tilde, you’re a gem. Thanks for the challenge. Will pass along the idea to my classes. Too late for the GC part, but great motivator in any case–minimal is good.

  3. I thought I had already left a comment, but don’t see it!! I am a procrastinator ( am now 70, so don’t see it changing any time soon LOL) but this challenge made me get off my butt and just do it! It was fun and easy, now to decide which collection I will really do, Helen

  4. Tilde is a genius! I took the 15 minute challenge and I was so surprised that I was able to print out the shapes and in just about 15 minutes. I guess I was a little afraid before but the concise intructions made it all so simple. A great big THANK YOU!

  5. I didn’t try this before now because I thought it was just for the beginners. However, I have now given it a go and my time is 38 minutes. The opening of program and printing went smoothly and quickly but I am slow at cutting so this took a little longer. I thought I was done at 35minutes then I realized I hadn’t read to the bottom of the instructions and I still had to sort the pieces, LOL…. that took me another 3 minutes… I was never very good at the crypton factor 😉
    In in all though, this was a fun challenge. Thank you Tilde 😀 and Linda and Monkey ;))
    hugs Elly
    ps I have two lovely blocks to stitch up now.

  6. Well, i did it, it was 23 minutes, but i must admit it took me some time to figer things out, and my first print was pies and tarts, i am making a quilt with that pattern, a part stitching by my machine and part by hand, i like it so, handstitching is more relaxing than machinestitching and i can pick it up whenever i like,
    greatings from Belgium

  7. This is an excellent introduction to Inklingo! Like Tilde, I’ve been working with Inklingo since 2006 when it first came out. It’s great to see how much it has grown over the years! Congrats to all of you who made this challenge your very first project with Inklingo!

  8. Hi JaNaye,
    I am glad you took the challenge!
    I am not aware of any issues with Adobe X and Inklingo. There were a few appearance changes in Adobe Reader 9—compared to Adobe 8—which I did not like and they created little support issues. Several quilters decided to uninstall 9 and re-install 8. I have not received any negative feedback at all about Adobe X.
    I have Adobe 7, 8, 9 and X on various computers and X is my favorite. Whichever version you install, it is important to change the JavaScript setting, as described at the beginning of the download instructions. That applies no matter what version you are using.
    Good luck in the draw!

  9. Well it took me longer than 15 minutes, 35 to be precise, but what a thrill!
    Cutting out the pieces after printing took me the longest. I think in the
    future I will cut the matching points as I piece. I can’t wait to try some of
    the other patterns.

    On a related topic, has anyone else had difficulties with Adobe X? Through a
    series of unfortunate events, I had to re-install Adobe on my computer. Not
    thinking about it, I installed X. When I tried to open any secure files Adobe
    locked up. No unsecure files were affected. I uninstalled X and re-installed
    9.4 and have had no further problems. Linda, I was wondering if you were aware
    of this problem. Anyway, I did not like any of the “features” of Adobe X.
    None of the usual tabs and useful things are easily available. Everyone stick
    with Adobe 9 if you can.

  10. Hi Carol, I am glad you took the challenge. I’m sorry you had trouble with the dark fabric. That is why Tilde’s instructions specify “Ideally, one light, one medium, both fairly light on the wrong side since this is your first try.” The normal procedure is to test. There are also tips for printing on dark fabric in The Inklingo Handbook and elsewhere on the blog, like this one:

  11. Well, I tried your challenge. It took me 56minutes. This was mostly because my second fabric had a dark background(navy with flowers). I couldn’t find a colour that I could see to cut the shapes out. I tried yellow,orange red and I could see bits on the lighter parts of the flower on the fabric. I finally gave up and cut the darker fabric out under the printed one. I decided it would not matter because I will hand sew the block and when using the paper template I won’t have to see the lines. The lighter shapes I will give the machine a try as I haven’t tried this on machine yet. Thanks for the push to give this block a try. I have been doing mostly hexagons to date.
    :)Carol near Calgary Alberta.

  12. Thanks for the 15 min challenge. Without this I wouldn’t have tried Inklingo. I am new to Inklingo and downloaded the free collection a few months ago. I had been meaning to try it out, but couldn’t get my head around all the information that was there. Along came the 15 min challenge and I was off. I must admit, it did take a bit longer than the 15 minutes. I managed to have two lots of shapes all printed in about 11 minutes, but then it took me ages to cut them out. I was too excited and started cutting with the freezer paper still attached!! Silly me – then it took ages to get it off. All in all – it took me 49 minutes to complete from start to finish and I now have a lovely stack of shapes all ready to sew together.
    Thanks Linda and Tilde for the Challenge. I think I am hooked on Inklingo now and can’t wait to get started on a project.

  13. This was great! Took me longer than 15 minutes – and the darker ink didn’t wash out (once I did the test block I discovered my purples do not wash out, the other colors do) – but it really showed how great this idea was. I made two and a half blocks and immediately bought a shape collection. (With plans to buy more) The best part is there is no squaring up cause the blocks are perfect! Thanks for convincing me to try Inklingo.

  14. Thank you for the challenge! It took over 20 minutes, but it was worth it. I’ve never seen Inklingo, and this little experience made it easy and pleasant. I did have a difficult time seeing the lines on one of my fabric pieces, but I see Linda has some tips about that, so I’m off to read those.

  15. Thank you for challenging me to do this. I finally set up my new ink jet printer so I could do this. I forgot to uncheck the center rotate in the first set I printed but remembered on the second set. If it wasn’t being timed, I would have washed and redone it again. Even with this, it took me a little less than 14 minutes–my clock doesn’t have a second hand but it was fast.
    Now it won’t be so intimating. I love the idea because I only have the complete use of one hand so using rotary cutters is not good. With this, I can do it all with scissors.
    Thank you Linda and Tilde for finally getting me off of home plate.

  16. Well I guess that was what I needed, a sheet of instructions that had everything laid out exactly. I followed them step by step and it took me about 15 minutes and that was with my daughters telling me to shut down the computer as a nasty thunderstorm was beginning.
    Thanks so much Tilde for taking the time to write up these instructions,I can now say I have printed an inklingo collection.

  17. This is fantastic! This challenge is so helpful! My star turned out great! Thankyou for the challenge–I’d love to see more challenges for a few of the other sets as well! 🙂

  18. It took me 30 minutes. It would have taken less time if I would have cut then apart with a rotary cutter, rather than individually with a pair of scissors.

  19. Ok – I bit the bullet and decided to give this a try! I have had the free shapes collection for a bit and haven’t tried it, and I am so in love with some of the other collections…. so… it took longer than 15 minutes, but a got the two sets of shapes ready to sew! It took 29 minutesand 20.79 seconds to complete the task. Not bad, considering my sewing room is in the basement, and the printer is on the second floor LOL. Thank you for the ‘kick-start’ to the Inklingo world. Now which collection next….. 🙂 Thank you Tilde, Linda & Monkey!!

  20. Yep! It took me less than 15 mins to prepare….I wish I have done it 7 months ago when I first came to know about inklingo…why did it took me so long?!?!? LOL

  21. Done! My time was 26 minutes, but I forgot to let my printer wake up and spent time taking pictures for my blog. I knew Inklingo was quick and easy, but I didn’t realize just how quick. Thanks Tilde & Linda for a great challenge.

  22. Well, I finally did it! Yeah for me, but my second fabric was darker than I should have used but I can still see the lines. It took me 25 minutes 🙁 but now I know how to do it and I should be going strong. I did have 2 interruptions so maybe that added a minute to the time! 🙂 So now I might get brave and try another collection since I have so many ready for me to use! Cathi, if you’re out there, I can see the light!
    Thanks Tilde, for getting the kick in the …….you know what I mean!

    Sara in NE

  23. Ok, I took the challenge with the lite diamond group and it went so well that I forgot the timer and printed 7 pages! Thanks for the motivation Tilde and thanks for giving us Inklingo Linda!!

  24. Whoohoo! 14 minutes! Might have been less if Hubby hadn’t come into my sewing room to grope me (hug and kiss) before he headed out to the store… but none-the-less, once I told him I was timing myself.. he left quickly! lol

    I did make 2 blocks yesterday (but didn’t time the printing/cutting) so had to try again today. I handstitched one of them and machine stitched the second one. Found I like the hand stitched results much more, and both take about the same amount of time.

    Thanks Tilde for the challenge! 🙂

    Laurie – Ottawa

  25. Thank you so much for the 15 minute challenge. It was just the “push” I needed to try the free pattern I downloaded, but put off trying because…..I procrastinate when I think something will be “hard”. It really is as easy as everyone describes! It did take about 20 minutes to get the first page printed, but that was just until I remembered to recut the edges after ironing on the freezer paper. Then I was able to print four pages in a row with no problems. And today I was able to show off the printed fabrics to my quilting play group. You may have some new converts!

  26. I did it! 25 minutes of fun! The most difficult part of the process was deciding on the fabric…and I didn’t start the timer until after that. Now I am off to do some stitching. Thank you, Tilde and Linda. Great product and idea!

  27. OK, Done! I’m a little embarrassed, because it was not my first time inklingoing and it took, 35 minutes, but…..I really wasn’t prepared well enough, and have a couple of handicaps today. So if I can do it, then anyone who prepares properly can do just as well, or better. Just try it!

  28. Well, I sort of did the challenge, but didn’t time myself. I printed shapes for a specific block instead that I had been planning to do with Inklingo, but somehow hadn’t gotten up the courage to do it! Used custom size printing as well, after the first page of background shapes. Up til now, I had only printed the sample page of all the colors. Now I am ready to tackle fussy printing and Passacaglia! (once a couple of other projects are done!). I also tried to print on a dark green fabric, but didn’t find a color that worked. Since it is a diamond, I rather wanted those lines! Any suggestions?

  29. OK, I have taken the challenge and admit it took longer than 15 mins for me. I managed to have everything up to the cutting stage done in under 12 minutes but the cutting took me quite a while. From go to wo took me 37 mins, 48 secs. I have a heap of shapes ready for sewing now. I love it!

  30. I did take the 14 min. Challenge and it did help me. I started to time it and at 9 min. I was ready to print and the paper jammed. I finally got 2 sheets to print, but did not do any timing then. Now, I am ready to try something different.

  31. AMAZING idea! I still haven’t printed that first piece and I have read your book twice!!! Here’s hoping I can work in some time this weekend to do just that and take it with me to work on during my lunch hours! Thanks Tilde, Linda & Monkey!!

  32. This is a wonderful idea for people that are new to Inklingo. I just love it, it is so easy to use. I know that you can machine piece with Inklingo but I like to hybrid piece or hand piece. I especially love to handpiece now because of the accuracy and ease. I actually don’t care to machine piece intricate patterns anymore because the seams are sewn down and and the intersectons are not as perfect as when you handpiece with Inklingo. It is so relaxing to do in the evenings. Best of luck with this challenge.

  33. I have been meaning to use this to hand piece. I still create my templates and cut blocks-I have the free pages and have purchased some-perhaps now is the time!

    Thanks for the encouragement

  34. What a great idea! So many hesitate to do Inklingo because they think there is a huge learning curve..not true!! You can start right away and perfect it later.

  35. What a wonderful idea. I reallly need a challenge just like this to kick start my Inklingo adventure. I first discovered Inklingo last year and had a quick play. I really believe this is the only way to hand sew. I am definitely going to give this challenge a red hot go.

  36. Another wonderful time filling idea… now all I need is 15 minutes and the challenge will be on. Here’s hoping I find the time this weekend:)
    Just had a thought this is a great idea for some students whom I teach. They are always looking for new techniques. Unfortunately they don’t have their class until next month but I am sure they will love it anyway.
    Thanks again.

  37. This sounds like fun. I’ve been wanting to try the star but so much gets in the way. I’ve give it a try. Thanks Tilde for your great ideas.


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