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Tumbler (or Thimble) is a fast and easy scrap quilt and perfect for machine piecing.

A great machine project!

Inklingo makes it easy with correct straight grain, precise lines, and matching marks. It is a great beginner project.

The only difference between a Tumbler and a Thimble is the size. Small shapes or miniatures are usually called Thimbles, and larger shapes are called Tumblers. The two-inch size is in between—just right.

One of the reasons I chose the 2 inch size is that four perfect tumblers print on a fabric nickel, 5 x 5 inches.

Love the lines. Quilt more!

See why quilters love Inklingo tumbler shapes!

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Tumbler 2 inch
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Cathi's Tumbler Stars
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FREE Diamond Triangle Square
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Guided Tour
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The Inklingo Handbook (bound)
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Why Quilters Love Inklingo Tumbler Shapes

From beginner to professional, we think you will love these shapes too!


Layer to Cut is a method of rotary cutting which reduces the amount of printing. It is described in The Inklingo Handbook. It is especially useful for machine piecing shapes like this Tumbler, when most quilters don’t need stitching lines on every piece.

Layer to Cut

Layer to Cut uses one printed sheet of fabric as a template, in order to cut several other fabrics—no measuring or templates required!

  • Print one fabric with tumbler shapes.
  • Layer the printed sheet with 2 or more pieces of unprinted fabric. Stack the fabrics in pairs, right sides together, so they will be ready to pick up for chain piecing, if appropriate.
  • Use an iron to press the layers together to reduce shifting (if necessary), and hold the fabric in position with a ruler.
  • Cut the rows first, and then sub-cut the rows (all layers).
  • Some pieces will have stitching lines, matching marks, and crosshairs, and some won’t.
  • Repeat until all shapes are cut.

MAKE IT EVEN EASIER Print the lighter fabrics, so the cutting lines are easy to see.

2. Scrap happy!

When you Layer to Cut, each layer of fabric under the printed sheet does not have to be the full size!

Use small scraps and leftovers to make up the lower layers. Inklingo is ideal for scrappy quilts.

3. Lots of reasons to love Inklingo tumblers!

  • Some quilters want to cut with scissors.
  • Quilters love the accuracy of perfectly printed shapes without measuring.
  • Quilters love having matching marks and stitching lines on every piece, so they can hand piece when they are on the go, and machine piece when they need speed.
  • Quilters love the way Inklingo helps them use scraps.
  • Quilters love the way Inklingo helps them estimate how much yardage to buy.

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