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MY INSPIRATION This shape collection was requested by a grandmother, and it is a hit!

Dear Linda,
My granddaughter Maddy, who is ‘nearly 11’ has fallen in love with Little Red School House, and would like to learn how to make it using your method of printing on fabric, “just like you do, Nanna.” Would it be possible to do a small set with two combos, one for the background and one for the house, so we could do it together? I gave her her own little Janome for her 8th birthday and she loves it.
Jeannette in Australia

How could I resist? I remember the thrill of being allowed to use my Mum’s sewing machine before I was old enough to go to kindergarten. It was much more glamorous than hand sewing.

Have you seen some of my Favorite Things about School House?

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Thank you for visiting my site. Linda

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School House
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My Favorite Things about School House

Sewing School House blocks can build confidence and creativity!

Love the lines! Quilt more.

A child who is too young to rotary cut can use scissors to cut on the lines, and not depend on someone else to prepare the pieces for her, so she feels more independent.

Lines to sew along!

It is easier for a beginner to get the results she wants, and that is encouragement to keep on sewing. Everything is more fun when you have accurate pieces, a line to sew along, appropriate straight grain, and matching marks.

9 inch Inklingo School House

Choosing three fabrics is exciting, and imagine how much fun it is to embellish the garden with buttons for flowers, a bead for a door knob, and a little lace or embroidery in the windows.

Print several shapes with the Sky Combo

The Combo layouts are like magic! Print several different shapes at a time for Sky, Walls, and Roof. Print more scraps and mix and match for endless variations.

The Puzzle Page makes it fun to stay organized, and prevents booboos. Everyone would rather sew than rip.

Sew School House by Machine

It helps develop confidence, creativity, and independence, and will get your grandchildren hooked on sewing.

This is a wonderful project for children—or the child in you!

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