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Linda's Scallop Directions 

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Please Note  In February 1999, when I finished my Dear Jane Quilt, "In Time of Friendship," I put my scallop directions on my first web site. Since then, they have become infamous among Dear Jane Friends.

In Time of Friendship won First Place in Paducah. The scallops are pretty good.

It became impossible for me to update the old web site because the software I used does not work with the version of Windows I have now, and HTML is a Hard, Tricky, Mean Language.

I prefer the way I wrote scallop instructions for my book Quilted Diamonds: Jane Austen, Jane Stickle & Friends in 2002, but I am preserving the original version on this web site, for old times' sake. If you have the book, please follow the directions in Chapter 6.


Linda's Scallop Directions for Dear Jane Friends

© Linda Franz February 1999

These instructions are very long and detailed, and will probably horrify you.  :-D  They work. Step Number One is the most important. I cannot emphasize that enough.

The scalloped edge was a lot of work for me, but I think it adds something special to In Time of Friendship. If there is a three-step method (cut bias, sew onto curved edge, slip stitch to back???) that gives the same results I might have a nervous breakdown! 

The scallop directions that I had available to me were very general. None of them mentioned chocolate at all! They were silent with regard to clipping into the pivot, when to ease, and when to stretch the bias, and how to put your life on hold for four to seven days, so you can scallop around the edge of a big quilt. 

You can do this in only 27 easy steps.

1. Experiment on scraps.

THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST TIP IN THIS WHOLE LONG LETTER. Experiment on scraps (top, batting and backing) before touching the quilt. It is absolutely necessary to practice making your scallops so they are uniform before you start.

2. Leave the edge of your quilt straight while you are quilting. 

This is my second best tip!  Do not cut your scallops until the very last moment—Step 17 and Step 19 below. Bias edges take on a life of their own.

3. Consider another binding!

This is my third best tip. If you are not sure that you can do a good scalloped edge, consider doing a simpler edge really well. A messy binding can detract unfairly from a great quilt!

I have read this far and I still want to proceed.

I am afraid and I want to go home.