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If your email address is @charter.net or @xtra.co.nz or @optusnet.com.au please make sure you add www.inklingo.com as a trusted sender. 

These and other ISPs are extremely aggressive with SPAM control and will block my replies even if you wrote to me first. There have been several cases recently when quilters thought I had not replied when I had. 

If you don't hear from me, please check your junk folder or write again. In some cases, they don't even let the email get as far as your spam folder. 

When quilters need help, I always reply. Always. If you don't hear from me, it either means I did not receive your email or my reply was blocked.


I can be reached anytime through my web site. My e-mail address is the same all year. linda@lindafranz.com

Mail to Linda

2040 Watson Drive
Burlington ON L7P 0R2

Telephone: 905-332-0439

If you are concerned, please e-mail me to make sure I have received your mail.

I enjoy e-mail and I will always write back to quilting friends. If you have not heard back from me in a reasonable time, it may be because I did not receive your message due to Internet problems or computer failure.

If you do not hear from me in a reasonable time, please write again and include secondary contact info, like phone number, address or another e-mail address.

E-mail filters for SPAM can prevent my reply from reaching you, even if you write to me first! Recently, a quilter wrote with a question about the QD2 DVD and I replied by e-mail within a couple of minutes. She wrote again four days later, disappointed that I had not written to her! My reply had been filtered out by Earthlink.

This kind of thing happens periodically and can be very  frustrating for both of us. It can take time and detective work before we finally connect, so consider including a phone number or address, just in case.

Please keep this in mind whenever you email any business for information. Thank you!


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