Scalloped Binding Instructions

Scalloped Binding Instructions for Dear Jane quilt

Scalloped Binding Instructions

Please Note  In February 1999, when I finished my Dear Jane Quilt, “In Time of Friendship,” I put my Scalloped Binding Instructions on my first web site. Since then, they have become infamous among Dear Jane Friends.

In Time of Friendship won First Place in Paducah. The scallops are pretty good.

It became impossible for me to update the old web site because the software I used does not work with the version of Windows I have now, and HTML is a Hard, Tricky, Mean Language.

I prefer the way I wrote scallop instructions for my book Quilted Diamonds: Jane Austen, Jane Stickle & Friends in 2002, but I am preserving the original version on this web site, for old times’ sake. If you have the book, please follow the directions in Chapter 6.