Pro Reviews of Inklingo

See what quilters say about Inklingo too

“Seeing Inklingo reminds me of the first time I saw a rotary cutter!”

“Inklingo is the quilting tool we’ve always wanted.”

Popular Patchwork UK

“Sometimes a product appears on the market that is truly groundbreaking. I think this is the case with Inklingo.” (Read the full page review! October 2006)


“Linda Franz’s instructions are excellent.” (Jan/Feb 2007, No. 113)

Australian Patchwork & Quilting

“I’m sure creative quilters everywhere will find a use for the templates in Inklingo # 1, and look forward to the expansion of Inklingo # 2 and beyond.” (Vol 15, No. 2, Trial-a-Product)

Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine

“Both hand and machine piecers will be delighted by how easy it is to print accurate patches directly onto fabric sheets.” (Jan/Feb 2007, #389)


“It helps you prepare your pieces quickly and precisely before hand or machine sewing them.” (No. 58 page 64)


“Linda Franz is a real pro. She has simplified our lives by having us print our templates directly onto our quilt fabrics with a domestic inkjet printer.” (No. 59 page 74)