Inklingo Golden Wedding Ring Design Ideas

Inklingo Golden Wedding Ring QuiltThe new Golden Wedding Ring shape collections are the result of requests from Inklingo quilters.

One look at those interlocking curves and I knew I had to do it.

My eyes immediately see the fussy cutting possibilities. It makes this wonderful design even more exciting than it was in 1934.

This slide show from Facebook shows examples with fussy cut A or B or C or A+C or one piece centers. Be still my heart!

I blame it on Lucy Boston.

From the beginning, I looked at GWR through my “Lucy Boston eyes” and could see the wonderful opportunities for fussy cutting.

Fussy cutting is not a feature of traditional GWR quilts but the quilting world has changed since 2009, when I published Patchwork of the Crosses.

Lucy Boston is such an inspiration!

  1. Traditional Fussy Cutting with Inklingo
    Print window templates and templates without seam allowances with Inklingo.
  2. No Waste Fussy Cutting with Inklingo
    Print identical sheets of fabric to get sets of identical shapes, similar to Stack n Whack™.

Inklingo Worksheet for Golden Wedding Ring

This variation is approximately 43 x 48 with 12 inch rings and 58 x 64 with 16 inch rings. The FREE Inklingo Golden Wedding Ring Design Book includes worksheets in different sizes.

This slide show from Facebook might get you thinking—before the low sale price expires!

Download a free PDF for this size.

Print GWR shapes on fabric

GWR is easier and more precise than ever before when you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo.

Introduction to Inklingo

It is easy to start printing on fabric with the free shape collection! Main Beginner’s Page.


Golden Wedding Ring Design Book


As usual when I introduce new shape collections, there is a low price for the first few days. The intro price for GWR expires tomorrow night, Monday October 8, at midnight ET.

Today is Russ’s birthday and tomorrow is a national holiday in Canada when we celebrate Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.

Main Golden Wedding Ring Page  The Design Book is FREE for a limited time.

Thank you for visiting. Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda & Monkey in Canada

1 thought on “Inklingo Golden Wedding Ring Design Ideas”

  1. Happy Birthday, Russ!!
    The GWR collections are fabulous for so many reasons: opportunities for fussy cutting/printing, lots of continuous piecing, curved piecing and all that with the perfect stitching lines and matching points of Inklingo.
    When I look at the different worksheets in the design book, I think I want to make each one!


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