Hybrid Piecing Circling Swallows – 2

UPDATE! Circling Swallows Cheat Sheets

I have added a cheat sheet for Circling Swallows for each of the FIVE sizes. Start here and then look under each Circling Swallows tab, okay?
All LeMoyne Star shape collections have the shapes you need to sew gorgeous Circling Swallows, including the free shape collection with Diamonds Triangles, and Squares.

Hybrid Piecing

Hybrid Piecing = Hand + Machine

I always look for opportunities to combine hand and machine piecing. It gives me the best of all worlds—speed or portability—always with precision and relaxation.

Inset seam for hand piecing

Inset Seams by Hand

For Circling Swallows, I knew at a glance that there would be many inset seams for “continuous stitching” by hand. Inset seams allow me to turn a corner at the end of every seam and keep on sewing instead of starting and stopping with a new thread.

Hand piecing inset seams in Circling Swallows is obvious.

I decided to start by hand piecing the three diamonds with one thread (top photo).

Chain Piecing Circling Swallows

Edge to Edge by Machine

The trick was to find seams that I could chain piece by machine, edge to edge. (Sometimes I chain piece from crosshair to crosshair by machine if it gives me a better pressing option.)

how to press circling swallows

Pressing Tip

As you probably know, I am always alert to the best pressing options.

Hand piecers usually have more good pressing options than machine piecers, so hand piecing one block first helps develop the best pressing strategy and then modify it for machine piecing.

In this case, I add two QSTs, chain piecing by machine. It presses very well with no bulky intersections.

Hybrid Piecing Other Designs like POTC

Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses is another great design for Hybrid Piecing.

Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses HYBRID

Some seams by hand but more than half of the seams by machine (above). I love sewing this way. Sometimes I feel like hand piecing, sometimes I need more time with Louise, my Featherweight.

I recently framed this hybrid sample for our family room. A small piece like this is a nice option for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a full-size quilt.

Circling Swallows Worksheet

Inspiration from the FREE Shape Collection

Have you printed shapes for Circling Swallows yet? You can start with a test block using the free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection.

There is a worksheet for this variation of Cicling Swallows in the free shape collection. (There are so many reasons to start free!)

Circling Swallows Hybrid

This is all ripped out now!

I am not happy with the lack of contrast because I think the swallows do not dominate. Ripping! Ripping!

I am so happy with My Bathroom Quilt Top and the others I have framed that I decided to make a small piece to hang in the laundry room. I chose Circling Swallows because the big window gives us a  view of a beautiful nest and Russ and I have enjoyed watching robins come back year after year to raise their young.

Now that this one is ripped, next time I’ll show you my “new and improved” variation of Circling Swallows. Please stay tuned for Part 3.

Sew some seams by hand and some by machine

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