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Inklingo Ideas for 60 degree Shapes 
Inklingo is compatible with any book or pattern that uses the same shapes and sizes.

Inklingo opens the whole world of quilting patterns to you in a new way, making complex patterns easier by eliminating measuring, templates, and other tools.

Inklingo often makes it possible to stitch traditional hand designs by machine instead, or with a combination of hand and machine piecing (hybrid).

The pattern will tell you
• the shapes (finished sizes)
• the fabric requirements
• assembly instructions

All Inklingo shapes are named with the finished size (without seam allowances).

Click on any of the images below to start a slide show of ideas for 60 degree shapes, like hexagons, diamonds, and triangles. 

Slide Show

Pattern and shapes in Inklingo Shape Collection # 3

Pattern and shapes in Inklingo Shape Collection # 3

Pattern and shapes in Inklingo Shape Collection # 3

Ami's Sisters Pattern for Inklingo # 1 (free)

Monkey Exercise # 1 for Coasters for Inklingo # 1  $6.00

Snack Quilt for 1.5 inch Hexagons $7.00

Emma's Butterfly Stars by Cathi Godwin for Inklingo # 1 (free)

Hand piecing lesson on DVD (60 minutes)

The handbook includes a chapter on using pre-Inklingo patterns.


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