Design a Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern

If a Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern is on your bucket list, NOW is the time!

Inklingo has all the tools to make it easier to design and sew this classic.

New Double Wedding Ring Video

I was in Texas recently as a guest on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. It reminded me that I should be doing more video. This one is only 4 minutes but it is a start, okay? (My TQS episode will air in November, so please stay tuned.)

I published the first Inklingo Double Wedding Ring shape collection in March 2009 but it is still new to many quilters.

Inklingo for Double Wedding Ring Quilt is fabulous whether you are using a traditional Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern or creating your own variation.

50 Double Wedding Ring Designs in 2 Minutes

Monkey finds that hilarious and says you probably need to “paws” it a few times to get a good look.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern shapes

Since printing is such a fast, accurate way to prepare the shapes, you can afford to spend time perfecting your Double Wedding Ring pattern and choosing fabric.

Rotary Cutting Curves with Inklingo

This short video about rotary cutting curves with Inklingo focuses on one of the Inklingo mystery quilts but all of the info applies to DWR and Pickle Dish

Double Weddng Ring Quilt Pattern in Electric Quilt

Free Electric Quilt Project File (EQ7) to Download

I hope you will be inspired by the 50 designs in the video and start designing with the free EQ project file.

Whether you make a traditional Double Wedding Ring or Pickle Dish or a modern quilt variation, there is inspiration everywhere, like Cathi’s Quilt Obsession blog and Pinterest.

Winding Ways by Linda Franz

New Winding Ways Book

Winding Ways is a perfect way to teach techniques that are useful for ANY pieced design, including Double Wedding Ring and Pickle Dish. That is why I chose it for my new book. There is valuable information about fussy cutting and determining fabric requirements.

I hope it will be a go-to resource no matter what design you are piecing AND whether you use Inklingo or not.

Sew Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern by machine or by hand

You do NOT have to be an expert quilter with decades of experience to get exquisite results when you sew Double Wedding Ring by hand or by machine, so go ahead. Design a DWR.

I hope you find useful info in all three videos. It helps me if you click to LIKE my videos and share them with your friends.

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey in Canada

2 thoughts on “Design a Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern”

  1. Linda, I just needed to come back and say that Monkey looks pretty cool sitting in is lounge chair behind you in the video.

    Love it!

  2. Hello Linda,

    I loved the videos you sent us today. A double wedding ring quilt, as been on my to do list for so long. I made a note to be sure to watch you with Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms in November. Even if I do not quilt or do embroidery much anymore I love to get emails from you to keep in touch.

    Have a great day.


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