Win BIG Prizes from Inklingo, Electric Quilt, and Northcott!

February 14 Deadline!

There is only one week left for entries in the Electric Quilt/Inklingo Love the Lines Contest!

All you have to do is design a quilt in Electric Quilt with Inklingo shapes and email it to me. It is similar to Barb Vlack’s ClubEQ Challenges, but with BIG Prizes! No purchase necessary.

There have been some fabulous entries so far, but not as many as I expected, so the chances of winning one of the big prizes is very, very good!

Poppy Love by Northcott  Fabric from Northcott

The prizes are great, but this contest has been designed so everyone wins. Every quilter who submits a project file will have access to the top 25 designs.

THE GRAND PRIZE for “Love the lines! Quilt more!”

  • $500 Gift Certificate for Inklingo.
    That buys a LOT of Inklingo because prices start as low as $12 and even the biggest collection is only $50.
  • $250 Fabric Bundle of Poppy Love from Northcott
    Gorgeous! (shown above)
  • Deluxe Book and Software Bundle from Electric Quilt!
    Perfect for the creative quilter!
    Karen K. Stone Book & CD, Blending Photos with Fabric book, Digital Essentials book, Quilt Design Wizard, My Dream House CD, Kaleidoscope Collection CD, Amy Butler Softwares CD, Dear Jane software, Quilting Designs Vols. 1-7 CDs,  Quilter’s Newsprint Sheets, Foundation Sheets, Inkjet Fabric Sheets, and Peel & Stick Fabric Sheets!

Kaleidoscope by EQ  Karen K Stone by EQ  My Dream House by EQ Part of the Deluxe Bundle from EQ

3 RUNNER UP PRIZES of all 3 of these:

  • $125 Gift Certificate for Inklingo
  • $125 Fabric Bundle from Northcott Studio (Kaleidoscope or Central Park)
  • Quilting Designs Vols 1-7 CDs from EQ 

More good news!

  • The winners will be chosen by Barb Vlack, our celebrity judge—so you don’t have to compete against her. LOL She will not know who submitted each quilt design.
  • Everyone who submits a design will have access to the top 25 designs chosen by Barb, similar to the way Barb Vlack runs the ClubEQ monthly challenges.
    We think that is a huge incentive to enter! Everyone wins!

Only quilters who enter a design will get the EQ project files, and they will have all the fun turning them into real quilts with Inklingo.

Kaleidoscope by Northcott Studio
Kaleidoscope by Northcott Studio

Even if you don’t use EQ yourself, be sure to tell your friends, so they have a chance to win these great prizes.


You can use any Inklingo shapes and sizes, but if you need a little encouragement, there are examples of dozens of 6 inch blocks on the website. I added a second page yesterday.

That’s enough for today.  I’ll write more about the 6 inch blocks soon.

Don’t miss out!

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

Inklingo for Beginners

Inklingo Quiz – Just for Fun!

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  1. Thank you Linda & Monkey! The 6 inch blocks page is a great help and inspiration! But I hope (for your sake) that you will not attempt to make this a final list, with every possible Inklingoable 6 inch block there. It could drive a person mad…;-)


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