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Maria Peagler’s Quilters Favorite Things of 2010 is Just In Time for Christmas! She made a video about 4 favorites (including Inklingo), and if you are on Facebook, you will want to enter to win them!


Sarah Ann Smith’s Thread Work Unraveled is a great book for the artist in you.

Sarah describes it here but I think you will get more out of an online review:

“I just received my copy and am amazed at how much information it contains. This book is NOT going on the shelf with all my other quilting books. It will be kept handy so I can refer to it often. Sarah Ann Smith is very generous with her expertise, experience, and knowledge. This is going to become one of those “must have” books for quilters of all levels.”

Maria Peagler’s Color Mastery: 10 Projects for Creating Stunning Quilts

There is a description on Maria’s site and I found this online review:

“I’ve attended several lectures on the color wheel, but none of them made me start thinking about color the way that Maria Peagler’s Color Mastery did. All of a sudden I had fresh eyes, and looked at everything around me with greater understanding. This book is an instant classic. Although the subject is not new, Peagler’s writing style makes it so nonthreatening and easy to understand that it actually seems new.”

Clothworks’ Laurel Burch Quilt Kit

Who can resist? It’s fabric! By Laurel Burch!

The Inkingo Handbook

Five Star Review from the Inklingo web site:

“I just love the Inklingo Handbook, there are so many tips that I reread it and continue to hone my skills. Your way of teaching, with so many detailed pics, is great. And the title is deceiving as it just doesn’t apply to using Inklingo–although I can’t think why anyone would use anything else anymore.”

$25 Inklingo Gift Certificate

Maria describes each one in her new video (previous post). You could win!


1. You must be on Facebook. Maria loves Facebook, and that is why she put the draw there.

2. You must go to Maria’s Color Master page and “like” it first. LOL (Of course, you will.) This is a Facebook thing. Before you “Like” it, you won’t see the place to leave a comment.

3. Next, go to  but do not leave your comment there! Maria’s rule is that you must click on one of the four images and leave the comment on the next page, not this one.

4. Enter as often as you like, for as many of the items as you like!
(More comments = more chances to win.)

5. Enter before December 17th.

If you already have The Inklingo Handbook, we can negotiate.  LOL  ALL of the prizes are fantastic. I would like Maria’s Color Master CD and Sarah’s beautiful Thread Works book myself—and Laurel Burch fabric is always irresistible!

All of Maria’s favorite quilt products of 2010 are perfect to unleash the creative power of Inklingoists.


I hope you enter and win one of Maria’s “Favorite Quilters Things,” but even if you don’t, Inklingo gives you a great selection of Inklingo Diamonds, Triangles, and Squares. Don’t you love free?  Everyone wins. If you haven’t ordered and downloaded them yet, this is a good place to start: Click here.

Thank you for visiting. Good luck!

Linda & Monkey

If you are looking for the 80 second video with everything you need to know about Inklingo (yes, everything, and it will make you laugh if you turn on the sound), click here or search the archives (above the header).

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  1. Thanks so much for the info on Maria’s facebook giveaway. I’m keeping the fingers and toes crossed in hopes of hearing my name called as the winner. I’m with you, the thread and color books would be a great learning tools.
    Again, thanks for the info.


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